THOUSANDS of Anti-Lockdown Protesters Rise up Against New World Order in London – Media Blackout

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Thousands of anti-lockdown protestors rise-up against government in UK amid media blackout

Thousands of protestors flooded the streets of London on Saturday to protest the elite’s ongoing attempts to restrict the freedom of millions of citizens.

Holding signs reading “Freedom is non-negotiable” and “No health passports,” the protestors flooded the nations capital on Saturday.

Billed by its organizers as the “biggest street party London has ever seen,” the rally drew thousands of participants from all walks of life unhappy with the draconian restrictions on gatherings and movement, and opposed to the government’s plans to introduce un-British ‘vaccine passports’. reports: Actor and mayoral candidate Laurence Fox, who has promised to do away with Covid-19 restrictions entirely if elected, was an enthusiastic participant. Posting videos of hordes of people marching through the streets, he decried the “total corruptstream media blackout” of the protest.

As of mid-afternoon, the mood seemed jovial. Though gatherings of such a large scale are still forbidden under the UK’s lockdown rules, the mostly maskless crowd marched freely through the city. 

Unlike protests by climate activists over the preceding days, Saturday’s march was largely ignored by the mainstream media, with only a handful of British tabloids dedicating short stories to the demonstration.

The protesters themselves accused the media of ignoring “hundreds of thousands” of marchers and their demands. However, nailing down a more accurate attendance figure than “thousands” was not immediately possible. 

The UK’s current lockdown strategy will all but end by late June, unless a surge in infections or new variants of the coronavirus triggers a change of plan. As of Saturday morning, more than 38 million people in England have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, and government researchers noted on Friday that infections have fallen to such an extent that Britain has “moved from a pandemic to an endemic situation.”


  1. They have to stop supporting the media who ignore them Turn off their TV stations unsubscribe from all msm news sites, cancel Facebook and twitter accounts and boycott any and every company that supports or promotes any of those businesses that don’t support freedom really. GLOBALLY That is the only real power people have left democratically is to stop supporting those who oppose them.

  2. ” Actor and mayoral candidate Laurence Fox ”

    I love this bloke but afraid that the Shorosh Smear Commando will execute Him existentially . . .

    • As if that election has ever been any more dem8ceatic than Anericas last blatant fraud Look at whose been Mayor over the last 20 years .All perfect patsies.

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