FBI: Terrifying Holiday Terrorist Attacks Coming, Millions At Risk

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FBI say that millions of Americans are at risk from terrifying holiday terrorist attacks

Senior FBI officials are worried that they aren’t equipped to deal with an impending onslaught of holiday terrorist attacks across America, particularly around Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and New Years’s Eve. 

Anonymous officials at the agency say millions of Americans are vulnerable to the attacks, and that despite the “significant risk” that attacks are about to occur, the FBI are being forced to put a brave public face on so as not to worry the public.

Conservativetribune.com reports:

“We have suspects we’ve been tracking that have gone dark, because we can no longer follow their encrypted activities. Physical surveillance can only take us so far and the urgency to solve that gap in the political realm isn’t there,” one unnamed official explained.

Another official declared, “The administration has a calming public storyline that we have this all under control and life can go on as normal. But we’re one crack in the sidewalk away from a tragedy, and that crack could be an encrypted message we can’t follow, a lead we couldn’t resource or a refugee who slips in like we saw in Paris.”

The greatest fear of the FBI over the next several weeks is that the Islamic State group has plotted and planned Paris-style attacks within the United States, utilizing fighters armed with small arms, grenades and suicide belts who could attack soft targets like retail stores, restaurants, sporting events and other locations where large numbers of people gather.

“The attackers could look and act just like everyday Americans until they strike with weapons we haven’t seen in terror attacks here,” summarized one official.

This is truly frightening, and it would be highly advisable for Americans to remain aware of their situation and surroundings while going about their business this holiday season. The threat our nation faces is likely greater than the resources and capabilities of those tasked with stopping it.

Sean Adl
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