Hollywood Celebrities Flee L.A. After Secret ‘Big One’ Quake Warning

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Hollywood celebrities have fled Los Angeles after a secret warning from the elites to expect the "big one".

Hollywood celebrities fearing a catastrophic earthquake fled Los Angeles on the weekend after receiving a warning from the elites that “the big one“, a catastrophic earthquake expected to start along the San Andreas Fault, registering over 9.0 magnitude, is due to rock California.

The mega-quake is expected to pack nearly 90 times more energy than the Northridge quake, which jolted L.A. residents awake in January 1994, collapsing buildings and destroying major freeways.

Angelina Jolie, Cher, Leo DiCaprio, Chelsea Handler, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and George Clooney, among other Hollywood names, all booked urgent flights out of LAX on the weekend, according to a celebrity booker who claims more famous names are expected to join the stampede from the Golden State as word spreads among L.A.’s high society regarding the warning.

The fact the elites are warning Hollywood stars to get out, while remaining tightlipped when confronted with queries by ordinary members of the public confirms what many people already suspected: all men are born equal, but some are more equal than others,” said a booking agent, who has also left the state, but not before raising the alarm and urging Californians to make preparations for a doomsday event that “most people are totally unprepared for.”

Kim Kardashian is one of many celebrities leaving L.A. ahead of the mega-earthquake due to strike
Kim Kardashian is one of many celebrities leaving L.A. ahead of the mega-earthquake due to strike

Californians have long complained that the government has been telling them two things when it comes to dealing with the inevitable “big one” earthquake that has been feared for decades: “You will be on your own. And most of you are not ready.

Cities, counties and Gov. Jerry Brown’s Office of Emergency Services say a big quake will “totally overwhelm police and fire crews” and will require citizens to take care of themselves “for a week, maybe longer.”

Lucy Jones, a California seismologist who has become a leading worldwide authority on earthquake preparedness, has also gone on record urging those on the West Coast to take the warnings seriously, after a week of earthquakes in Mexico has put California on the edge of a major rupture.

Residents are advised to firmly secure heavy objects — like dressers and televisions — to walls. They are also supposed to avoid sleeping beneath mirrors, paintings and other items if they are not securely attached, or risk severe injury or sudden death when the proverbial big one strikes.

Californians should also be planning how to communicate with family and neighbors if phone lines and internet goes down. Multiple back-up plans should be laid out in advance, right down to face-to-face meeting places, according Aram Sahakian, general manager of the Los Angeles Emergency Management Department.

Emergency management officials have also upped the amount of water, food and other emergency supplies they recommend be socked away, while quietly acknowledging that “the mother of all earthquakes” could be days away.

Officials used to call for enough supplies to last 72 hours, but now say “one week of provisions should be the minimum.” Why?

Because, in these major events, hundreds of thousands of people are going to be displaced,” said Sahakian. “The supply chain is going to be impacted, whether it is transportation, or medical supplies, or food. You need to be prepared to last at least five to seven days.”

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