Rob Reiner Says Trump The ‘Killer’ Will Soon Be Arrested

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Reiner Trump

Rob Reiner claims that President Trump will be apprehended following election day, saying that “in 42 days we will arrest the killer”

The film maker made his prediction in a tweet on Tuesday in which he also accused Trump of “essentially” shooting and killing hundreds of thousands of Americans.

“Donald Trump has essentially shot and killed 100s of thousands Americans on 5th Ave, continues to do it every day, and he’s right, his cult doesn’t care. But the rest of US do. In 42 days we will arrest the killer” Reiner said.

Breitbart reports: The Princess Bride director appeared to be alluding to President Trump’s boast during a 2016 campaign rally that “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

Rob Reiner, who has endorsed Joe Biden’s bid for the White House, has repeatedly used the Chinese coronavirus pandemic to accuse the president of being a murderer. Last week, he called Trump a murderer not once, but three times, in separate tweets.

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