Seattle Is Paying Former Pimp Gorgeous Dre $150,000 to Find ‘Alternatives to Policing’

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Seattle is paying former pimp Gorgeous Dre to find alternatives to policing

Seattle is paying a former pimp a whopping $150,000 a year to find an alternative to policing.

An ordinary police officer in Seattle makes just $67,000 per year. reports: There are several videos of Gorgeous Dre discussing his former profession.

The New York Post reported:

Seattle now has on its payroll a convicted pimp who once vowed to “go to war” with the city — a $150,000 “street czar” whose mission is to come up with “alternatives to policing,” reports said.

Andre Taylor — who appeared in the documentary “American Pimp” about his life as “Gorgeous Dre” — is getting $12,500 per month for a year, along with an office in Seattle’s Municipal Tower, according to the contract published by PubliCola.

It comes just a year after his organization, Not This Time, was paid $100,000 to sponsor a speaker series that was called “Conversations with the Streets.”

Taylor led one of the first rallies in Seattle after the police-custody death of George Floyd, the Seattle Times said.

Gorgeous Dre appears to be doing very well these days.


  1. Don’t be surprised if ghetto trash pimp Gorgeous Dre makes a whore out of the whole city of Seattle, including especially the weak-minded and worthless Feminist mayor of Seattle.

    Pimping African warlords are a dime a dozen in Africa, and elevating such a creepy pimp bastard to leader status in Seattle is like putting a junkie in charge of a short bus loaded with Democrat retards.

  2. Liberals are the most despicable trash on the planet. Pray tell what this pimp has to offer but prostitution and black gangs.

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