CCP Stooge Eric Swalwell Compares Trump to 9/11 Mastermind Osama bin Laden

Fact checked
China-compromised Dem Rep. Eric Swalwell compares President Trump to Osama bin Laden

Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell, who is embroiled in a Chinese spy scandal, likened President Trump to 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden.

“Well, Osama bin Laden did not enter US soil on September 11, but it was widely acknowledged that he was responsible for inspiring the attack on our country,” Swalwell said on PBS NewsHour on Tuesday night.

“And the president, with his words — using the word ‘fight,’ with the speakers that he assembled that day, who called for trial by combat and said we have to take names and kick ass — that is hate speech that inspired and radicalized people to storm the Capitol,” he added.

Stunned host Judy Woodruff then asked Swalwell if he was really comparing Trump to bin Laden.

“I’m comparing the words of a [sic] individual who would incite and radicalize somebody, as Osama bin Laden did, to what President Trump did,” Swalwell declared. 

“You don’t actually have to commit the violence yourself, but if you call others to violence, that itself is a crime.” reports: This comes one month after seventeen Republicans sent a letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) demanding that Swalwell be immediately removed from the House Intelligence Committee after his relationship with a suspected Chinese spy was revealed.

“We write to you today out of concern with Congressman Eric Swalwell’s reported, close contacts with a Chinese Communist Party spy recently reported by Axios. Because of Rep. Swalwell’s position on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, his close interactions with Chinese intelligence services, however unintentional they may be, are an unacceptable national security risk,” they said in the letter.

“HPSCI handles some of the most sensitive information our government possesses — information critical to our national defense,” they added. “As such, we urge you to immediately remove Rep. Swalwell from his position on the House Intelligence Committee.”

Not only did Pelosi not remove Swalwell from the intelligence committee, she has also just made him one of her impeachment managers in her effort to remove President Donald Trump from office.


  1. And when the German Coyrrs had the tri if the 9 11 suspects they found them not guilty BUT as 7sual honest injun msm had nothing to say .At all .All totally censored out if the western la escape.We all know who the suspects for 9 11 s fantastic perfect demolition with even the third tower collapsing despite no planes hitting it at all .They msm never talked about that either That’s then Truth and Beuty personified .

    • German courts had the trial It was hidden except in Germany where it was a tiny little news non event even . And lest we forget the third Tower. And the CCP stories from the same sources and is the same wet up .As the mafia mob say ,if you wannabe know whose really guilty of ANY crime just look to see who profits the most .Theres your guilty culprits.

  2. Both sides in the political spectrum have used and exploited incendiary language, half truth and lies for decades and since 9/11 especially. Anyone who is targeted for their ideas gets painted by the opposition as some creature, demon or subhuman..the ideas at question are then dismissed and ultimately attain the status of Novichok.. maybe even real Novichok. It’s all fun directed at people we like to hate or people that live on top of stuff we want such as Assad or Putin, Maduro or the Ayatollah and of course the Chinese leadership! Now the chickens have come home to roost and all reasonable discourse on important and controversial issues is banned. Only the proscribed opinion and narrative are to be allowed.. It’s not all nailed down yet and there are some bubbles of dissent. There’s a fun short video from years ago that precisely outlined what is going on in America today.. can’t post the URL.. takeout the DOT put in a ‘.’


    • From what I’ve seen it’s the same thing. Wasn’t “Bin Laden” paraded around the pentagon as David Osman(?) back during the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan by the CIA.

      • And who are they The Bank of England really runs every bank Even owning mist Here in Australia we have 4 big banks but really they’re just one The Bank of England but it took one journalists YEARS to actually get the proof .And then tbe msm buried it and him too Career over . It’s a public company but who the major shareholders are is a mystery because they run so many dummy corporations and trusts that it can take years to find out who they really are I between tbeyve cha.ged company names and set UO new trusts and relocated funds and hidden things in Panama and all of that But we know who the richest people are .And there are a lot if them Theres 75 million in the one per cent now .and 7 and a half million in the ten oer cent of the one per cent And the quarters of a million in the tenth of that They’re ruling the world by being all over the globe directing community values in their community.

    • CIA has a director and lits if followers Like George Bush and was in charge if the cia in Texas when JFK was shot to death Its not about who fired the gun as the MSM go on and on as if children without any clue about anything but who gave the orders .Its not about the workers featuring tbe election but who instructed them ,Who is the Team Leader Rhe top dog The Boss of it all .That is the question You know how the goodies always say ,when tbeyve done a hig drug bust seizing millions in cash or millions of dollars worth of drugs ,or both ,how they dont seem to care about who they got them off and dont name them or show their picture or give wven any flue who tbey were except to say some people from somewhere, and they say it’s because theyre trying to track down mr Big ? Tou know as ugly they havent been “trying ” for decades .meanwhile their ” community values ” run the whole organised crime racket globally as it has done for centuries And btw the entire western worlds local government s are all set up now exactly on the nazis model Exactly .The moderators of daily mail deleted that post about 15 years ago just like rhet deleted the posts of Hitlers christian catholic speeches too .Not part of their ” programme” .

  3. Why didn’t Trump do something while had the chance. He must have been part of this whole scam all along. we were so close, so close. we had our republic at our fingertips. No it is lost forever. The persecution begins. These things must come to pass, so say the Lord. I guess time is up for the non believers.

    • The American system was DESIGNED so that no President could ever have absolute power That was its intention to prevent any firm AUTOCRAT taking control The President can only lead by having strong support from the military the Bureaucracy and really the media The type of support that has allowed the political assassination of Trump zthe stealing of the election the framing of Trump and the global ruining of his reputation That takes being in the business for decades or as part of a family business An hereditary lineage eirh all the connections. Its been corrupted by people who understand how .

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