EXCLUSIVE: Horrifying Homeland Security Admission That Everyone Just Missed

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(*Editor’s note: This is a completely different story than the current Reuters article that has gone viral about police surveillance, homeland security and how they are using what you post on social media to assign you a a “threat level” – this is worse.  Much worse.)

Unless you are a police chief or an American police force aficionado you won’t have read “Police Chief Magazine”.

Stunning Admissions From Homeland Security Just Slipped Past EVERYONE


Which is why an article by Joseph Kunkle (A high level TSA/Homeland Security manager)  published in the magazine titled “Office of Security Technology, Transportation Security Administration, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Washington, D.C.”  slipped past most people’s radars and didn’t get mentioned in the media. Until we read it…

The article, titled “Social Media and the Homegrown Terrorist Threat” [1] may seem innocent enough at first glance.

However, since around 90% of internet users leave a page within a few seconds of viewing it if it doesn’t look interesting – the article at quick glance looks dull, long, and boring… in other words – it’s written so the average internet user won’t want to read it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 2.25.00 AM

What is revealed in the article should not just shock those people who study privacy rights – but it should shock everybody.

We’re Going To Cut All The Fat and Break The Admissions Down Fast For You


So we have decided to pull the most revelatory and shocking pieces of information from the article and present them to you here in our own satirical words. The quotes in italics are real words taken from the original Homeland Security article. (Note: here is a link to the original article and a backup copy of it for safekeeping. )

Ten Reasons You Need To Be Scared Out of Your Mind!


1. Use Social Media? The Internet? Yes? Well, we think you are a Homegrown Grassroots Terrorist.


We know, we know!  The phrases “grass roots” and “homegrown” used to refer to country fairs, organic farmers markets, mom and pop shops and all matter of good grandma and grandpa run/family owned/self started and created things.

Well, we don’t care because we are running out of buzzwords and need something that will equally confuse you and shut you up!

So forget labeling yourself as a “homegrown family owned restaurant which hosts a weekly grassroots organization that is dedicated to the preservation of organic heirloom tomatoes”.


Because you are sounding pretty terror-isty with those words, so you better just forget those words and consider turning your space into a McDonald’s franchise. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 2.51.15 AM
It’s simpler to say, easier on the brain, and us here at Homeland Security won’t be confused by the word “McDonald’s” because it’s simple.

When you starting tossing around words like “homegrown”, “organic”, and “grassroots” we might get confused and think you are a terrorist – so please, for your own safety, and just out of decency and respect of your fellow citizens – be careful what you say and what you write, please.

Better yet. Shut up. Or go watch “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” or play video games all day (except the violent ones – because that could mean you are interested in hurting others – most likely other citizens – so play Super Mario Brothers, or better yet, Tetris)

For those of you who are part of homeland security, let’s put it this way: “Prominent terrorist groups are adapting tactics and strategically evolving out of necessity because of far-reaching, multinational counterterrorism operations abroad.

They are becoming more adept at making the best use of regional operatives, homegrown terrorists, and communication technologies at hand for a long-lasting terror campaign against the West.

Today, terrorist groups are recruiting, inspiring, and guiding global strategies not just by Internet operations but through an organized, steady infusion of propaganda videos and call-to-action messages circulated via social media platforms, such as blogs, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

The terrorist’s social media framework is targeting disenfranchised youth with convoluted, fictional information and creating grassroots terrorists within the U.S. borders.” [1]

2.  We Control ALL Corporate Owned Media and If You Are Using Blogs, Social Media, or Messaging to Exchange Ideas That Do Not Go Through Us First Then You Better Think Before You Send That 140 Character Tweet About Hillary Clinton’s Ugly Shoes.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 2.53.34 AM

Because if YOU feel Ms. Clinton’s shoes are ugly, and than have the absolute audacity to go on the internet and share that information with others, that means like minded people may agree with you about how ugly Hillary Clinton’s shoes are. 

Now we are looking at a real Homeland Security Terror threat situation because you have just willingly formed a group of like-minded people who share the same opinions and beliefs about Ms. Clinton’s shoes and that seems pretty extremist to us.

At this point would you blame us for labeling you and all of “HCSAU”s (*”HCSAU”- Hillary Clinton’s Shoes Are Ugly” which is pronounced “Hick-Saw”) group member’s as terrorists? No, you would understand.

Because if groups of like-minded individual’s come together over not liking Hillary Clinton’s shoes, God only knows what your next initiative would be – perhaps you would begin hating her pantsuits?  

What if it turns out you all think eating at McDonald’s is bad for your health and join together to start initiatives to educate people on how to eat healthier?


Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits and McDonald’s are a national treasure and at this point you and your group may need to be detained in a prison outside of America specifically designed for terrorists like the HCSAU group – or, maybe if you agree to never have your own thought again we can put you in specially formed prison camp environments to retrain you and educate you on the importance of loving McDonald’s food and Hillary Clinton’s shoes and pantsuits.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 2.56.44 AM

Loving Hillary Clinton’s shoes and pantsuits and eating at McDonald’s = being patriotic.  End of story.

So don’t communicate or make fake “news” online because you have an opinion.  Terrorists go online with their opinions and express them, so you really need to not take such a drastic leap by having an opinion, let alone sharing it with others – even worse doing so online.


At that point you are doing things that terrorists do.

Then we get very confused and Homeland Security will have to act – and start to take back control of the actual truth – the way we see it.

For the professionals out there in the business, put another way:  No longer do traditional media—television, radio, newspapers, and other print publications—control the messages that terrorists seek to deliver to disenfranchise populace in regional or transnational areas.

Today, instant-messaging jihadists can communicate with anyone and increase the drumbeat of violence by directly texting extremists in the homeland, linking videos, and editing domestic and foreign news stories to fuel anger and create feelings of self-importance and power.


This kind of social media usage is making grassroots radicalization more feasible and is increasing the potential for recruiting operatives or facilitators legally living in targeted countries.” [1]

Like I said, if we can’t control the media, then we can’t control what the public does and does not know about terrorists – so let us do our job and you do yours : stop thinking.

The result of this new threat paradigm is that a nobody can become a somebody without having to travel to Pakistan, Yemen, or regions in Northern Africa. In today’s new reality, aspiring jihadists do not have to leave home to become radicalized or participate in deadly terrorist attacks against the United States.

They can become radicalized in small steps without ever having to make the big leap overseas and risk being discovered by intelligence agencies.

By logging onto Internet forums of unregulated and unrestricted speech, want-to-be jihadists can personally brand themselves as terrorists (lines between reality and fictional personas blur) and create a resilient virtual terror cell where they can share and spread ideological beliefs, raise funds, justify and create motives for violence, disseminate misinformation, learn and share terrorist tactics from war zones, glorify and compare notes on successful and even failed terror operations and plots, inflame public opinion against Western society, and promote a jihad campaign against anyone or anything in the United States.” [1]


[1] Social Media and the Homegrown Terrorist Threat to Homeland Security

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