Church of England Declares ‘Jesus Is Non-Binary’

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Church of England declares Jesus is non-binary

The Church of England has declared that Jesus Christ was ‘non-binary’ and has instructed clergy to refrain from using male pronouns when talking about God, according to reports.

The woke move comes after Reverend Joanna Stobart, a vicar in the diocese of Guildford, claimed that some clergy want to refer to God without saying He or Him in order to be “more inclusive.”

Stobart wrote: “Please could the Liturgical Commission provide an update on the steps being taken to develop more inclusive language in our authorized liturgy and to provide more options for those who wish to use authorized liturgy and speak of God in a non-gendered way, particularly in authorized absolutions where many of the prayers offered for use refer to God using male pronouns?” reports: The report notes that the Bishop of Lichfield, the Rt Rev Michael Ipgrave, responded “We have been exploring the use of gendered language in relation to God for several years, in collaboration with the Faith and Order Commission.”

This latest attempt to shoehorn wokeness into the Church of England comes after revelations of the establishment of a £100 million fund to “address past wrongs of slavery,” even as some church buildings are literally falling apart.

Over Christmas, a CofE church in Loughborough made headlines when it erased references to the nativity and Jesus in a Christmas carol and replaced them with a celebration of “queer” people.

In July last year, the Church of England refused to define what a woman was, saying they had no definition of it on their books, despite still ostensibly opposing same sex marriage.

In 2021, the CofE announced it was introducing quotas for black and ethnic clergy to pave the way for ‘anti-racism training’ in the Church, as well as ‘contextualising church statues that may cause offence.”

Not even God is spared from the woke mob.


  1. It’s all been done to spite God All of it for centuries. The holy wars the Crusades the graven images everywhere the social expectations class structures, the Laws of man, everything.
    He’s always been their enemy .
    And they hate His creation All of it They hate natural forests and want landscaped gardens. They hate the wind in the trees and the birds singing and the babbling Brooks and the animals free and happy They hate it all They want everything un natural.

  2. Perfect example of what Jesus was talking about. Your body is your temple, you converse with God directly. He destroyed the temple for a reason. The definition of “Church” is not a building.

  3. Leviathan: Part IV. Of the Kingdom of Darkness… Chap. xlvii. Of the Benefit that proceedeth from such Darkness, and to Whom it Accrueth

    [26] The fairies are not to be seized on, and brought to answer for the hurt they do. So also the ecclesiastics vanish away from the tribunals of civil justice. [27] The ecclesiastics take from young men the use of reason, by certain charms compounded of metaphysics, and miracles, and traditions, and abused Scripture, whereby they are good for nothing else but to execute what they command them. The fairies likewise are said to take young children out of their cradles, and to change them into natural fools, which common people do therefore call elves, and are apt to mischief… [29] When the fairies are displeased with anybody, they are said to send their elves to pinch them. The ecclesiastics, when they are displeased with any civil state, make also their elves, that is, superstitious, enchanted subjects, to pinch their princes, by preaching sedition; or one prince, enchanted with promises, to pinch another. [30] The fairies marry not; but there be amongst them incubi that have copulation with flesh and blood. The priests also marry not.

    Hobbes, Thomas. Leviathan: with selected variants from the Latin edition of 1668. Ed. Edwin Curley. Indianapolis: Hackett, 1994.

  4. I told before, UK now has a SODOMITE King!
    King Charles – KC – 113 – 11×3 =33
    Charles III – CIII – 3III – 33
    Prince Charles – PC – P is 11 and C is 3 – 113 – 11×3 =33
    33 is Code for SODOMY!

    • really dont need any code to tell me all that. I look at the friends he hangs out with and the fruits he bares.

  5. What this Satanists and lunatics declare, DO NOT AFFECT me. It’s not like I’ll do what they tell. They are Satanists, my ENEMIES. Jesus is my SAVIOR! They HATE Jesus!

  6. It’s the end times for them. They are tares, the children of satan, that God is removing from earth. Then He will bind satan & the demons for 1000 yrs as Christ returns & reigns on earth. “The best is yet to come.” DJT

  7. Now we can see history echoing. Is it safe to say that the CoE and the RCC are the incest – bastard, harlots similar to the offspring of Lot’s daughters?

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