EgyptAir MS804: US Navy Drill Cover-Up Underway

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EgyptAir MS804 cover-up of US Navy drill underway

Egyptair Flight MS804 flew directly through a US Navy training exercise just moments before it crashed, and the US military are now attempting to cover it up. 

The US Navy have removed references to their Phoenix training exercise from their website.

American Everyman reports:

Here’s a screenshot of their search page. You can see the article they had up talking about how the Phoenix Express drills in the Mediterranean Sea had begun. This is the same article I used as a source in my first article about the drill.


And here is what that links to now.


Gone. History. Down the rabbit hole. That’s not suspicious, now is it?

A little while ago I wrote about how Egyptair Flight MS804 was flying through an Africom naval exercise when it went down off the coast of Egypt. That article was picked up by Jeff Rense, Reddit, WRH and David Icke’s website. It got a lot of attention. So did the one I wrote about showing how it now appears something exploded near or outside the co-pilot’s window and that is what caused the plane to go down.

And now the Navy has dropped their webpage on Phoenix Express 2016? That’s a little curious, huh?

The Egyptians say they are having to wait 14 days or so before a French vessel shows up to help them search for the missing black boxes from the aircraft. By then they expect the pinging to have stopped.

Like Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, they will never find that aircraft because if they do, they will have to explain why it looks like it was hit by a missile and not blown up by someone’s “soda can” bomb.

Now it is possible that someone at the Navy decided they didn’t want folks to be confused by their drill taking place at the same time the plane suddenly blew up for no apparent reason and that is possible I suppose.

But in terms of counter-productive PR, this is probably text-book. Obviously, removing the page is going to cause people to be suspicious. Leaving the link on the other page, making sure people understand that the article and the drill were in fact real and official evidence of them has been removed, is yet another example of “military intelligence” turning out to be not that intelligent after-all.

UPDATE: Hat Tip to Anon and Tim for finding this.

The Navy has put back the offending article on Phoenix Express 2016 and if it was painfully suspicious that they removed the article in the first place after a few of us noticed Flight MS804 flew right through their little naval war-games when it disappeared, what they’ve done now look like it came straight from the OJ defense team playbook.

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