In A “Happy Coincidence” Coronation Carpet Resembled Ukrainian Flag

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coroantion carpet

The fact that the Coronation carpet resembled the Ukrainian flag was a “happy coincidence” according to Royal insiders.

In fact many of the world leaders and guests, including US First Lady Jill Biden and her grand daughter, arrived at Westminster Abbey on Saturday morning wearing yellow and blue, matching some of the decor in the grand church.

The Telegraph reported: US First Lady Dr Jill Biden, who is attending the Coronation in President Biden’s place, wore a blue jacket, skirt, fascinator and gloves. Accompanying her was granddaughter Finnegan Biden, the 22-year-old second child of Hunter Biden and his former wife Kathleen Buhle, wearing a yellow dress with a cape and yellow headband.

First Lady Jill Biden and her granddaughter Finnegan Biden head to their seats in the Abbey Credit: Andrew Matthews/Pool via REUTERS

The operatic soprano, Pretty Yende, 38, wore a vibrant yellow dress with large puffed shoulders.

Meanwhile, Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a former Nato commander, tweeted that the Ukrainian flag was “at the heart of Westminster Abbey”, alongside an image of the yellow and blue carpets.

Quoting de Bretton-Gordon’s tweet, Kira Rudik, a Ukrainian MP, said she was “inspired by the pictures of Ukraine’s flag in Westminster Abbey for King Charles’ Coronation” and tweeted blue and yellow heart emojis.

Charlie Proctor, editor-in-chief of Royal Central, also noticed the yellow and blue carpets, tweeting: “(Almost) the flag of Ukraine in Westminster Abbey.”

Meanwhile Britain’s Ambassador to Ukraine, Dame Melinda Simmons, tweeted an image of the yellow and blue carpet saying: “I saw Ukraine there and lost my composure for a minute.”

Buckingham Palace said the colours in the abbey – the yellow gold of the coronation theatre carpet and the blue carpet in the choir were not chosen to represent the Ukrainian flag.

But a Palace spokesman described it as a “happy coincidence”.


  1. I didn’t see any Knights in shining Armour; How is this flop of a coronation going to fit into the Story Book of kingdoms?

  2. BTW rumour on the grapevine from the olden days has it that 3 days after her public coronation the Queen secretly abdicated and took the position of Chair of the Estate, meaning the Crown . Ie she became the chairperson, not the Sovereign. Now as you know the Crown is captive for its security in the Tower of London which is in the independent privately owned corporation state that trades as “the City of London”. Now we all know possession is 9 tenths of the law.
    With the Queens voluntary abdication, as rumour has it, and acceptance of the position of Chair of the Estate that becomes then 100%
    Further its rumoured that the City is run by the bankers, who ostensibly own it collectively as the Bank of England is a publicly listed company . If course I’m sure many of the directors over time would be from the families in the House of Lords, being the Plantaganet family.
    “I’m fed up of being bossed about by them” QE2
    And it would be most likely that they would be Jesuits and Freemasons and possibly Druids as well as members of many other either secret or secretive societies who would have extended families all over the world operating as their agents.
    According to rumour.

    • And nb he swapped the coronation crown, being the Catholic Crown of Catholic Edward the Confessor, for the State Crown very quickly. So there’s something going on because they LEGAL symbols not jewellery They carry legal significance. I suspect his coronating as they’re all calling, what was always called crowning before He would be crowned at the coronation not coronated. That’s peculiar but they’re all been ordered to comply.
      So he swapped as soon as the King business oaths were dome with to wearing the state crown which I’d bet means he did a transfer of power to Chair of the Estate too.
      Now no one, I’ve looked at the Internet and seen all of s absolute rubbish, total crap xuseless clueless garbage for for the trash, nothing but propagandas and deceits by OMMISSIONS, and they’re saying nothing about anything. It’s all about symbolism That’s how they communicate And that’s why they’ve got Ukraine in the church as theirs and that’s why the old woman and her niece are the American Ukraine flag The two of them Her related, both of them related to Charles.
      Reinforcing Thatchers meeting with Reagan in 1984 as the most HISTORIC EVENT of that era to announce UKs partnering with America to “build the world again” aka to create a new world order

  3. And I’m not a lawyer or solicitor but common sense says to me that someone swearing an Oath to God and the people as a Church of England defender of the Faith (of the church of England) in a Cathedral dedicated to the Church of England as the opponent if Catholicism, who is then crowned using a crown from a Catholic King, a crown empowered in Catholic rule, rhem in strict theological law that would not be legally recognised anyway. That’s a show put on as a theatrical production and the State Crown is the legal Crown for the wearer.

    • And as for those people alleging the Catholic Crowns too hea y a burden for his neck to manage, I’ll remind you it’s 2 kilos Like two packets of butter.

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