New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Now Fed Up With Black Lives Matter and Oppose Movement

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Black Lives Matter is funded by George Soros and the elite for the purpose of inciting terror and furthering their agenda for a civil war in America.

After experiencing a surge in support following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, a new poll reveals that after two months the majority of Americans are now fed up with the movement and oppose Black Lives Matter.

The survey, conducted by Civiqs, shows that in early June, 44 per cent of Americans supported BLM and 34 per cent opposed it.

However, those numbers have now flipped, with 41 per cent supporting BLM and 44 per cent opposing the movement.

The rapid downturn in support for Black Lives Matter comes after the movement’s leaders were exposed as radical Marxists with ties to Venezuelan communist dictator Nicolas Maduro.

Two months of rioting, looting and violence across the country has presumably also played a role in the decline of the movement’s popularity in mainstream America.

This is a return to normalcy more than anything,” said one Twitter user in response to the poll showing the silent majority of Americans no longer support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Despite the silent majority now turning against the movement, multi-national corporations continue to virtue signal in support of Black Lives matter, although Red Bull bucked that trend by firing two directors who had tried to pressure the company to take a pro-BLM stance.

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The founders of BLM openly state that the movement is about overthrowing capitalism, the “patriarchy” and western enlightenment ideals in general.

While many leftists would support that, it seems as though the silent majority of mainstream Americans do not and never will.

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