Chelsea Clinton Believes GOP Are ‘Kooks & Lunatics’, But Democrats Are ‘In The Business Of Solutions’

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Chelsea Clinton

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton said that she agreed with former Speaker John Boehner that the Republican Party had been taken over by “kooks and lunatics.”

Appearing on on ABC’s “The View” on Thursday , Clinton then attributed a recent rise in Democratic Party affiliation to the party being about “business of solutions.”

Breitbart reports: Co-host Sunny Hostin asked, “Chelsea, after four years of GOP control, a new Gallup poll shows Democrats reaching new popularity. John Boehner was here Monday claiming his party had been taken over by, quote, ‘kooks and lunatics’ who wanted to blow up Washington. Do you agree that’s why we’re seeing this swing to the Democratic Party?”

Clinton said, “I think we’re seeing more Americans join the Democratic Party because we’re in the business of solutions. We hear every day from the White House kind of what their plans are on infrastructure. Infrastructure is repairing our bridges and tunnels. It’s also supporting the care in our country. Too often, the men and women who provide care for older Americans and youngest Americans aren’t sufficiently compensated and protected. It’s the infrastructure of high-speed internet. It’s the necessary infrastructure that is not only climate-smart but hopefully, will help do more than stop climate change, but really preserve our environment long into the future. I think it’s more that Americans are responding to that, to prognosis pragmatic solutions. That being said, I would agree with former Speaker John Boehner’s diagnosis of what has gone wrong, but the also opportunities for what can go right moving forward.”


  1. Always the same ,always the opposites But she knows they’ve bribed most of the republ7cabs too and the while divided house is just pure propaganda to DECEIVE ,we the people .They’re all in together Princess Dianna .Never trust anyone Queen Mum .Nothing is what it seems QE2 . Nothing They’re all criminals really protected by the rule of corrupt law .Committing class warfare as drug trafficking money laundering pedophile human trafficking ear mongering criminals

  2. I have to laugh at all the lies and gas lighting. The Dems are so desperate right now. Biden falsely claims Republicans support him. LIES. Clinton saying people joining the Dem party. LIES. What is actually happening is old school Dems are leaving the party because they won’t support the Marxist agenda. Enough Americans see what is happening, but we are in a huge dilemma. You can’t follow the constitution and laws of the country and change the trajectory. We either have to stay the course until 2022, or break laws. The Left knows they can break laws and get away with it and is why they continue their power grab. I think the Right is going to have to start playing dirty and breaking laws or this will be the final push to convert the US to communism.

    • Born with a tainted Silver Spoon in her yap and has not had to work at anything, nor has she earned and deserved anything, thanks to her Criminal Parents.

  3. If she had any conscience at all she would climb under a rock .But having been born and raised under the Bush Clinton duopoly criminal cartel co operative , that earned her dad the Presidency for his involvement in the entire drug trafficking arms dealing money laundering operation that involved the murder of the school boys who were in the wrong place at the wrong time and witnessed things they shiuldnt have seen, and all whitewashed with the entire co operation of the DOJ her morality is completely corrupted beyond any hope of redemption Just like all of them All criminals or criminal cohorts and accessories ipso facto guilty by their silence .Their silence bought and paid for and rewarded from above by the master minds of the global conspiracy to lead the world I to Hell.Proudly too .

  4. So, the solution to the problems in the U.S. is riots, burning property, destroying livelihoods, looting, assault and murder? That’s what the Democrats are allowing so that must be the solution.

  5. Democrats are the party of solutions alright. The corona solution they’re trying to force people into their veins. The various solutions that Hunter Biden’s drank, injected and snorted and the solution that drips down Biden’s leg when he tries to think too hard.

  6. No Dummy, it is Idiots looking for handouts and Freebies. Besides Gallup is crap, the same with most Polls. President Trump won by a landslide, any Moron can see that and that the Election was stolen by a Cackling Witch that nobody likes and a Dithering Puppet Nincompoop that isn’t sure where he is half the time.

    Remember ole Pedo Joe waving at an empty field as he was disemabarking from a Plane, going to a ‘Rally’ where there was most;y crickets?

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