Video: Georgia Guidestones Code Point To August 2015 Event?

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Georgia Guidestones

“The next shoe is going to fall any day now” says a researcher in the video about the Georgia Guidestones below.  The “American Stonehenge” located about 2 hours from Atlanta, Georgia have been the source of extreme mystery and intrigue for years.

A recent video from History Channel about the Guidestones was posted on YouTube.  The video has drawn a lot of attention from various internet forums.

On, user “Rosicrucian” posted the following text along with the video:  “The Georgia Guidestones point to the 23rd August to 24th 2015 when the Sun will be at the royal star Regulus at 0’10” Virgo precisely at the moment the moon is aligned with the next royal star of the cross, Antares, at 9 Sagittarius.

Because these four royal stars form a heavenly square this also comes on the heels of the quarter moon, when the the moon and Saturn are paired together in the Scorpion’s claws.

The sun at the lion’s heart and the moon at the scorpion’s heart, one month before atonement…”

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