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Facebook has begun maliciously targeting a respected child trafficking campaigner, stoping him from raising awareness on the issue by silencing his voice on their platform.

Facebook has begun maliciously targeting a respected child trafficking campaigner, stoping him from raising awareness on the issue by silencing his voice on their platform.

Rob Waterlander has campaigned for many years to get effective action tackling International Child Trafficking.

His Organisation, www.Childrenontour.org campaigns to raise awareness and develop action to close loopholes in the International Airline “Unaccompanied Minor” (UM) scheme. While it works well for legitimate child transit, a shocking lack of safeguards leaves the system wide-open to abuse.

Rob is not a wild-eyed conspiracist making crazy accusations. He is a sober professional who encountered these issues in the course of his own duties working in Airport Operations.

NOW, he finds himself directly targeted by Facebook!

Every time he provides the link to his organisation, his post is marked as “spam” and hidden from view by Facebook. Neither Rob, nor the person he has posted to, can make the post-re-appear.

He is now forced to include spaces to break up the link, as the only way he can share that information from his own Facebook account of many years good standing.

Yet the link itself can be freely posted by anybody else! Rob is being directly targeted to deny him the ability to effectively speak and provide information about his crucial campaign.

Rob Waterlander is not alone. 1000’s of Facebook users have posts removed, or receive bans from posting on groups, or even from posting at all.  Yet not a single word of explanation is ever forthcoming. Facebook keeping its users ignorant of what they are doing that is supposed to be causing “offense”. This is a deliberate tactic to maintain a wall of silence so they cannot be challenged on the specific of their judgements. Facebook fears transparency and scrutiny.

As #Pedogate pressure builds, on the back of President Trump’s historic 21st December Executive Order targeting “Human Traffickers and Corrupt Persons”, it is clear alarm is building through the globalist cabal that their network of perversion and control threatens to be exposed, bringing ruin to them all.

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are rushing to assist, by brazenly chilling and censoring on a level never seen before. Just this weekend, truth-speaking legend David Icke has had his page, with 700,000 followers, deleted out of existence, as Your News Wire reported.

Children on Tour highlights the issues with the Unaccompanied Minors system and petitions key decision makers within the industry to lobby for effective safeguards to be brought in, that could cut International Child Trafficking significantly.

They also have a completed Film Script detailing the issues “Unaccompanied Minor”, that won the 2015 Moondance International Film Festival in the Feature Screenplay category. They are actively seeking a producer to get the movie made and on the screens.

This is a serious organisation making significant strides. Yet Facebooks response is to personally target its founder and seek to forbid him mentioning on its social network….


Serious concern is already developing about how Rob is being treated. The University of Leiden has set up a blog specifically to talk about the issues Rob has raised. Could this serious academic interest be why he has suddenly been targeted for Facebook censorship? The blog has only just gone live in the last 24 hours. Does Facebook not want this publicised?

Rob Waterlander deserves the support of all concerned activists around the world, to defy this crude censorship and ensure that this message gets heard. Then pressure can build to make sure all of these children can be protected.

Your News Wire asks all our readers to check out and share www.childrenontour.org

We also ask you look out for, and support, other voices being repressed.

The Technocrats, and their front-man, Mark Zuckerberg, look to clamp down on what can be said, and are using Soft AI to choose whose voice gets magnified and whose gets silenced based on what suits Facebooks OWN Agenda.

The implicit message is clear: that those who value free speech must use it!

Or they will find it has been, to all effective purposes, stolen by the algorithm…

John White

John White

John White is a truthseeker with years of experience, a veteran of 9/11, Brexit and Trump. Follow his Facebook page
John White


  1. UPDATE: Kenya School Raid linked to awful Child Trafficking Truth

    Your News Wire source Rob Waterlander, from Childrenontour.org has recently contacted us to highlight a raid that took place in Mombassa, Kenya:
    “Kenyan police raided an Islamic school on Tuesday, arresting two teachers and taking around 100 children into protective custody in what police described as a counter-terrorism operation involving foreign law-enforcement agencies.”
    What does a hundred children have to do with Terrorism?
    As Children on Tour has strived to highlight, one of the purposes of child trafficking has been to obtain child recruits to be trained as Islamic Jihadi Terrorists.
    And this is partly achieved by exploiting the loopholes in airline “unaccompanied minors” rules that it is Children on Tours primary purpose to campaign to get closed.

    Children on Tour continues to be under sustained censorship/shadowbanning attack for it’s campaigning work.
    Even though the IATA makes a good public show of opposing human trafficking, for example sharing about the Palermo Protocol which is signed by 117 countries while that same Protocol is only implemented by a few airlines. How is it that IATA brings the info as if it is very effective while it is not and by all means they are the airlines organisation. It is a bit deceptive the least to say, people out there have no clue.
    .This is largely political because of the emotional ramifications of admitting what has been going on for far too long.
    Air transport delivers huge social and economic benefits. Unfortunately, Unaccompanied Minor air services are also misused by criminals who profit from the trade in children. Trafficking in persons (TIP) is the fastest growing and second largest criminal industry in the world. An ILO & UNODC report (pdf) estimates that 24.9 million people are trafficked globally, over 75% of whom are women and children. COT estimates there are about 1.000.000 UMs a year with adults booking these unaccompanied minor services with airlines and kids from mostly 5 to 12 – 15 years of age flying around the globe. When it is only 0.02% of this number is about children being sold and “shipped” to their buyers while using the UM services, a whopping 2000 kids are transported while airlines/IATA facilitating this trade, only possible because of unsafe loopholes in services which should have been altered into a safe service long ago.
    If that’s a number you believe is not a lot, think again. As Richard Gere once said to Rob, ‘when we save one child it is worth the effort’, what about 2000 kids!

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