Buzzfeed’s Joe Bernstein Keeps Job After Inciting Murder Of White Men

Fact checked
Buzzfeed reporter Joe Bernstein keeps despite inciting murder against white men

Joe Bernstein, a reporter for Buzzfeed news, has come under fire after calling for the murder of straight white men on Twitter. 

In a since-deleted tweet, Bernstein urged people to “kill a straight white man on your way to work tomorrow” in response to a New Republic article outlining how white, middle-class men need to be “dethroned” in American society.

As of reporting this, Twitter and Buzzfeed have done nothing to discipline Mr. Bernstein for his open calls for the murder of white men.

Since the hysterical left-wing media have remained silent on this issue, we can only conclude the following:

  • Buzzfeed hate the middle-class
  • Buzzfeed hate white people
  • Buzzfeed endorse spreading hate