Buzzfeed’s Joe Bernstein Keeps Job After Inciting Murder Of White Men

Fact checked
Buzzfeed reporter Joe Bernstein keeps despite inciting murder against white men

Joe Bernstein, a reporter for Buzzfeed news, has come under fire after calling for the murder of straight white men on Twitter. 

In a since-deleted tweet, Bernstein urged people to “kill a straight white man on your way to work tomorrow” in response to a New Republic article outlining how white, middle-class men need to be “dethroned” in American society.

As of reporting this, Twitter and Buzzfeed have done nothing to discipline Mr. Bernstein for his open calls for the murder of white men.

Since the hysterical left-wing media have remained silent on this issue, we can only conclude the following:

  • Buzzfeed hate the middle-class
  • Buzzfeed hate white people
  • Buzzfeed endorse spreading hate


  1. Uncontrolled mental instability known as DEMONcrat(democrat) LIARables(Liberals) or (Cry Baby B*tches….) will not be held accountable as long as MSM has a free pass. Tick Toc…. Their expiration date fast approaches.

  2. Just incredible how sick the left has become in the last twenty years. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, people actually supported equality. It was surprising when the left started supporting retribution in the 2000’s. Then began using hate speech. But more and more, we’re seeing support for violence. Look at ANTIFA: a group that promotes violence against anyone that disagrees with them. Lately, I’ve read several articles that suggest either internment and/or shooting. Several from mainstream media.
    All this from people too ignorant to view these same trends and extrapolate where this is going.
    40 years ago the mainstream media would never have allowed their outlets to be used to promote hatred and violence. So, where do you see this going in the next 40 years?

  3. Keeps his job? lol With his very public threats and lack of a personal security team, he’s lucky somebody hasn’t got him on his way to Starbucks. That little clan better smarten up. We whites aren’t the ones in the 2%.

  4. OK JOe, i’ll start with you tomorrow morning, you want me to kill a white man? you can be the first

  5. I’m surprised he hasn’t been porked to death by the jihadis he lets run a train on him every week.

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