Kanye West: Los Angeles Is ‘Run by Satan’ Himself

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Kanye West warns fans that Los Angeles is run by Satan himself

Kanye West has warned millions of fans that the city of Los Angeles is run by Satan himself.

In his album, Jesus is King, Kanye says Log Angeles is “lettin’ Satan run they streets” and tells kids to “put the gram away,” in reference to social media site Instagram

The Gold digger rapper says he wants young people to start disconnecting from toxic social media websites.

Mirror.co.uk reports: It is reported that his song LA Monster hits out at the city of Los Angeles – where he owns a mansion with his wife in the Hidden Hills area – and claims the City of Angels “lettin’ Satan run they streets.”

Fans will hear Kanye recycle lyrics from religious texts in the upcoming album, the publication added.

Kanye also goes on to dub himself “Yahndi”, in a track named Selah, as he compares himself Indian civil rights activist Mahatma Gandhi – mirroring his previous comments, that he later admitted he regretted, that saw him liken himself to Jesus in his Yeesus album in 2013.

Kanye shocked fans when he quit pop music and decided to make gospel music instead.

Jesus is King was supposed to be released on Friday 27 September, a date announced by the controversial rapper himself – however, fans are still waiting.

And his wife Kim showed no sign that the album was running late as she tweeted an excited countdown on Wednesday saying: “Two more days Jesus is King”.

And the delay was not announced by Kanye himself – but his wife.

In an Instagram story on Friday, Kim was the one to finally address the mounting questions about the arrival of Jesus is King.

“Kanye is doing a listening session in Chicago tomorrow, then NYC Sunday.

“He’s dropping the album Sunday. Just a few final tweaks to the mixes,” she told her disappointed followers.


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