Deranged Emma Watson Flaunts ‘Time’s Up’ Tattoo With Glaring Error

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Emma Watson flaunts time's up tattoo with huge spelling mistake

Harry Potter star Emma Watson showcased a new tattoo on the red carpet at the Oscars last night, sporting a glaring grammatical error. 

The tattoo on her forearm is in tribute to Time’s Up – a Hollywood-led movement that purports to provide support for victims of sexual harassment, rape, or abuse.

As many people on social media pointed out when they saw Watson’s tattoo, it was missing the apostrophe that shortens ‘Time is up’ to Time’s Up’. reports: But it was Emma’s new hair – and her “crazy” fringe that set tongues wagging.

She wore her brunette locks in a shaggy cut finished with an uneven and chopping fringe.

“All I want to know is what is up with Emma Watson’s fringe,” one viewer tweeted.

“What’s with the crazy fringe. Just stay pretty and blessed,” another added.

But others loved the fashion-forward hairstyle.

“I’m living for Emma Watson’s current fringe. If only I had enough hair,” one fan tweeted.

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