Chemical Attack In Britain Leaves Hundreds Injured – ‘More Expected’

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British authorities are attempting to downplay a chemical attack on hundreds of people that took place on a popular beach on Sunday.

British authorities are attempting to play down a chemical attack on hundreds of people that took place on Beachy Head in East Sussex on Sunday, amid warnings the event was a false flag in preparation for a more devastating chemical attack expected on British soil in the near future.

More than 100 people have been treated at a local hospital after a chlorine mist mysteriously descended on the popular beach, causing people to vomit, suffer from breathing difficulties, and leaving their eyes burning and throats sore.

By 10.30pm on Sunday night, East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust said 133 people were being “decontaminated” in hospital.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institute attempted to downplay the toxic chemical event, saying that “possibly some kind of gaseous fumes” had drifted over the scene. All-weather lifeboats were launched by the coastguard that over fears people could be trapped on the toxic beach.

A spokesman said a “plume” had drifted across the area bringing “some sort of substance” with it which seemed to affect a number of people.

While authorities continue to brush the event under the carpet, troubling questions remain. Chlorine is not a naturally occurring substance. There is no way these hundreds of British beachgoers could have been accidentally poisoned.

Somebody released the gas. The event looks like a small-scale dry run for a major gas attack on British soil. In much the same way authorities rehearsed the terror attack in Manchester at the Ariana Grande concert, they have now been exposed plotting to carry out a devastating false flag attack on their people in the near future.

British intelligence and law enforcement were aware of plans to kill as many people as possible at the O2 Arena in Manchester, but rather than apprehend the terrorist, they let him kill scores of innocent young people.

Britain’s open borders have provided the elite with the useful terrorists necessary to do their dirty work for them. British intelligence and law enforcement ‘allowed’ the attack in Manchester to happen in order to push their agenda and justify cracking down on the innocent population even further, taking away more and more civil liberties, until we are living in a police state.

The terrified public will allow this to happen. They will choose “safety” over liberty.

The fact is, the ISIS death cult is funded and supported by the United States and its western allies. This is not a wild conspiracy theory. It is admitted by Democrat and Republican members of Congress in the United States.

Just as ISIS cause death and destruction in Syria, Iraq and Libya on the US and European dime, they also cause chaos in large European cities. This is all part of the plan to destabilize Europe and take away civil liberties, privacy and the right to a decent life.

The Manchester attack had eery similarities to the Paris attacks of November 2015. Paris and Manchester are both dominoes that fell, as orchestrated by the New World Order, as part of a masterplan that aims to destroy Europe as we know it.

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