Trump: GITMO Ready To House ‘Deep State’ Traitors

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President Trump has announced plans to expand Guantanamo Bay in order to house 'Deep State traitors' such as Clinton, Podesta, and Obama.

During President Trump’s State of the Union address, he announced plans to expand Guantanamo Bay in order to house ‘Deep State traitors’ such as Clinton, Podesta, and Obama.

With the many great announcements that formed President Trump’s first official State of the Union address, tucked in the detail was a confirmation activists worldwide have been looking for.

President Trump declared, “terrorists are not merely criminals, they are unlawful enemy combatants. When captured overseas we must ensure they are treated as the terrorists they are.”

He then went on to say:

“I just signed, prior to walking in, an order directing Secretary Mattis, who is doing a great job, thank-you, to re-examine our military detention policies and to keep open our detention facilities in Guantanamo Bay.”

There is much to unpack here. Firstly, in statecraft, speeches like this are full of measured weighted words, phrases and use of language.

Trump specifically makes the point of saying he just signed this order as he entered Congress to deliver his speech! That communicates a clear message: Shit just got activated!

And this must be considered in the context of Trump’s earlier executive order on December 21st, targeting “Human Traffickers and Corrupt Individuals”. Buried in that order is a declaration of national emergency, and in that situation, thanks to the Patriot Act, the powers of the Presidency are massively expanded. This allows the President to declare ANYONE, American, not American, whoever, wherever, anywhere on the planet, an “enemy combatant” and send them straight to Gitmo. This executive order is publicly viewable here.

There have been many odd occurrences surrounding Gitmo observed, especially in the last 2 months. Firstly, in December, there were multiple occurrences of disruption to air travel within the United States that accompanied reports of an unprecedented amount of air traffic headed for Gitmo. Speculation at the time was that following the Saudi purge and the Wahhabi princes being arrested, large networks of ISIS terrorists were being identified and handed over to US authorities (who continue to maintain media silence over events in Las Vegas and links to Saudi terrorism). But equally, in the light of the order, these could be other corrupt persons and human traffickers declared “enemy combatant” and dispatched to Gitmo. Here you can see the extraordinary flight records of 18th December, 2017.

Now we go deeper down the rabbit hole.

GITMO has long been on Trump’s radar as a hole into which to throw the corrupt while a court process that is credible can be established to try them. Here he is speaking about GITMO to the Miami Herald in Aug 2016:

“Asked about Guantánamo in the past, Trump has said he would like to “load it up with bad dudes.” He wouldn’t specify to the Herald whether as president he would again allow terrorism suspects captured abroad to be transferred to the detention center.

“I want to make sure that if we have radical Islamic terrorists, we have a very safe place to keep them,” he said. President Barack Obama, he added, is “allowing people to get out that are terrible people.”

“Would you try to get the military commissions — the trial court there — to try U.S. citizens?” a reporter asked.

“Well, I know that they want to try them in our regular court systems, and I don’t like that at all. I don’t like that at all,” he said. “I would say they could be tried there, that would be fine.”

Now we move forward to more recent times. Trump wants to massively INCREASE spending at Gitmo. The figure of half a billion was reported by Miami Herald a year later, in Aug 2017.

Both Defence Secretary Mattis AND Attorney General Jeff Sessions made unusual and irregular visits to GITMO during 2017.

Sessions toured the facilities in July 2017.

Defence Secretary Mattis visited on December 21st, the first visit by a Defence Secretary in 16 years, the very same day Trump signed the executive order targeting “Human Traffickers and Corrupt Individuals”.

And concurrent with this, was the deployment of a full Arizona National Guard Military Police unit to GITMO, their mission shrouded in secrecy.

All of this points to a massive expansion of activity at Guantanamo Bay and plans to significantly increase the amount of “enemy combatants” being detained there. And it also means that when it comes to handling the most DANGEROUS enemies, Trump’s America is READY!

Trump is ready for the cabal agents of the Deep State and their “frontmen”, the Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s, the child traffickers, the satanists, the truly rotten and corrupt, those owed too many favours by too many bent judges and agents to ever keep a straight fair trial.

As terrifying as the modern powers of the Presidency are, it wasn’t Trump who grabbed them! It was Obama, Bush and Bill Clinton who expanded these powers. Now we must trust President Trump to use those powers, and the facility of GITMO, for justice, because society can’t go on like this. The corrupt MUST be purged or its freedom itself that will fall. And a future where the Deep State grabs control of the Oval Office again is the most terrible future of all.

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