London Mayor Sadiq Khan Ignored ISIS Warning 3 Days Before Attack

Fact checked
London mayor Sadiq Khan gleefully ignored ISIS warning days before recent terror attack

London Mayor Sadiq Khan ignored warnings from ISIS that a terrorist attack was being planned for London, days before the London Bridge attack on Sunday.

Khan, who criticised Donald Trump’s “ignorant view” on Islam back in 2016, was found to have affiliations with groups such as Hama, Al-Qaeda, Al Nusra, ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood before he became Mayor.

From PJMedia:

The latest issue of the Islamic State’s weekly newspaper al-Naba released two days ago warned that another terrorist attack in Britain was “definitely coming.”

Al-Naba, a 16-page color newsletter, is distributed within ISIS territory but is also posted and distributed online via the usual ISIS mediums such as Telegram and social media.

Britain, said an article within the newsletter titled “Blessed Battle of Manchester: A new lesson for tyrants, Crusader States,” thought it “was safe from the wounds of the Mujahideen.”

“Protected by the sea they have long relied on isolating themselves” and thought “their exit from the European Union would save them.”

“A soldier from the Islamic State” in Manchester, the article continued, “has unleashed terror throughout their country, they rushed to spread the army in the cities, mobilizing police and security in the streets for fear of a new attack,” which “is inevitable, God willing.”

ISIS branded British security and vigilance across cities and towns a “costly, exhausting situation.”