President Biden Laying the Groundwork To Pardon Hunter for Child Sex Crimes

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Joe Biden to pardon son Hunter for child rape crimes

The White House is laying the groundwork for President Joe Biden to issue a presidential pardon for his son Hunter Biden if he gets convicted of committing multiple child sex crimes.

“That’s not a hypothetical I’m going to entertain,” White House communications director Kate Bedingfield said during the daily press briefing when asked about a potential pardon for Hunter Biden. “I don’t have anything to add from this podium,” she added, hinting that a pardon is on the cards for the President’s son.

Bedingfield refused to address any aspect of the Hunter Biden ‘Laptop From Hell‘ story, after CNNThe Washington Post, and the New York Times recently published stories about Hunter Biden’s various crimes. reports: When asked additional questions about Hunter Biden and the president’s brother James Biden, Bedingfield would only reply, “I don’t have anything further to add from this podium.”

CNN reported the investigation has “gained steam” as a growing number witnesses are scheduled to testify in the case.

The Washington Post confirmed reports from other media outlets that Biden was paid nearly $5 million by the CEFC China Energy conglomerate — even though Joe Biden denied during the campaign that his son made any money in China.

“My son has not made money in terms of this thing about, what are you talking about, China,” Biden said during the third presidential debate moderated by NBC’s Kristen Welker.

Bedingfield said the White House stood by Biden’s claim, despite reporting proving it false.

“We absolutely stand by the president’s comment,” Bedingfield told Welker when asked for an update on Biden’s debate claim.


  1. if you compare images of President Biden to Senator Biden, they look like two different people. what is going on?!!!! Did they make a switch for some reason along the way?

    • He is a double and his name is Arthur Roberts, do a search there are several articles on him. He’s an
      aging bit part actor who has dementia. Interestingly, I posted about this about 30 min. ago and came
      back to check on something – it was no longer there so I posted this again. WHOEVER DELETED MY

      • Hey, with Hollywood’s make up technology and CGI, I could see that happening.
        Has Joe really been exposed to “public” eyes in recent times or has it all been thru television.
        Funny how many of his appearances have been caught being green screened for some reason.
        Wierd for sure.

        • Agreed, weird for sure. The further you go down the rabbit hole, the weirder it gets. Trying to stay sane
          after reading news every a.m. is hard work sometimes.

          • like you, I read it to see what they are upto and the way they want you to think, not to be informed. Want to see the misinformation they are pumping out. Like they have that whole Ukraine thing so backwards it is not funny.

          • Exactly! But there are now cracks appearing in their narrative. NYTimes, Washington Post and even CNN have been forced to admit Hunter’s laptop is real. I wonder how they like the taste of crow. A good friend of Trump’s once said that he’s actually a real pussycat, but if you cross him or wrong him, he will go after you with a vengeance and take no hostages. I sure hope that is true. There are alot of people who need to be rounded up and exposed.

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