AOC Skipped Inauguration Because She Didn’t Feel ‘Safe’ Around ‘Other Members Of Congress’

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) was missing from Joe Biden’s inauguration and is claiming that part of the reason was due to “very real security concerns” from “other members of Congress.”

During an interview on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, AOC first said her no-show at the inauguration was to attend a union strike in the Bronx, but she then went on to explain that she was also fearful of some of her colleagues.

“I think we also had very real security concerns,” AOC exclaimed “We still don’t yet feel safe around other members of Congress.

RT reports: Asked by host Chris Cuomo if she thought other congressional members would “do you dirty,” the New York Democrat cited Rep. Andy Harris (R-Maryland) trying to bring a gun to the House chamber on Thursday.

“The moment you bring a gun on the House floor in violation of the rules, you put everyone around you in danger,” she said, adding she doesn’t care what the “intentions” were.

She also suggested a vote to “expel” members of Congress she feels helped motivate the “insurrection,” like Trump supporters Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Josh Hawley (R-Missouri).

“We should be actually bringing justice to the members of Congress and the members of the Senate…who also helped support this insurrection,” she said.

Numerous Democrat lawmakers have suggested Republican congressional members could have been working with the rioters who stormed the Capitol on January 6, with some calling for investigations and claiming access to certain areas could have been granted by sympathetic lawmakers. 

Ocasio-Cortez herself detailed her own Capitol experience recently and said she was fearful of congressional members who are “white supremacists.”

“I didn’t even feel safe around other members of Congress,” she said, claiming she feared she could have been turned over to the rioters. 

Without providing further details on exactly who the “members of Congress” are or what, if any, threats she has received, Ocasio-Cortez said she thought she could be “hurt” or even “kidnapped” at the hands of some of her colleagues.

“There were QAnon and white-supremacist sympathizers and, frankly, white-supremacist members of Congress in that extraction point who I know and who I have felt would disclose my location and would create opportunities to allow me to be hurt, kidnapped, et cetera,” she said of the Capitol storming by Trump protesters. 

Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats have placed blame on the Capitol riot – which left five dead and forced numerous politicians to either flee or lockdown in place – on Republicans who supported former President Donald Trump’s election fraud claims.


  1. Quite correct Trumo was surrounded by the very mob Washi grown described as the most serious threat to American democracy on earth ,and that’ was his big mistake He trusted the wrong people .The real problem was he was an outsider in that house ,what the cia call ” a stranger In the house ” and so had all of them united working against him from tbe start .Now he knows how they play the game Now he knows how utterly unconscionable they are ,how devious and deceitful, Machiavellian and sly .Nows he at least has a fair chance, but ONLY if he addresses the primary fundamental issue of the mobs background .

  2. Btw there are a few different flags in use whucg represent different authorities or legal powers at work One is the flag if tbe Pist Master General meaning really the Pipe Now you will notice that they never show you the top of the flag pole that is reigning over whatever proceedings are being delivered by communications ie ” postal services ” .Now the one when that ” lone nutter ” is seen ,escorted by a police officer into the House sitting room I’m pretty sure is one of those symbols .I think ,cant be bothered checking ,that it is one of the Postmaster s flags meaning, by rule of law ,that it is under his jurisdiction Whatever proceedings go on there are under him And that ” lone nutter ” is I’m sure someone who is a democrat in bad disguise and I FEEL strongly an Satanist quite possibly too .

    • If you gavent seen it days ago then quite a lot is finally being shown on neqsmac by Greg Kelly Guess his religion ,and I think his dads the chief of police , but still theres some I interesting wditing going on there which can still be used historically to denigrate Trump And will be Passive aggression is insidious Now they want to REINFORCE the 2 party plan again and use that to deceive the people whilst pretending they’re ” freedom fighters ” and ” truth tellers ,but it’s all devious deception ,half truth partial truths by design to deceive .Deceit by OMISSION.

    • And they always try to deliberately avoid letting you see which pole is in position Ehich symbol is on top .And the Pope as postmaster general of the world has under his jurisdiction all communication ministries and that includes all censorship of all communications not just by snail mail but all communications even top secret .All are under papal control All roads .What you see hear read are undecrhat jurisdiction so when you hear the Supremes or any other courts saying you have no jurisdiction in effect they mean your ” communication ” has no jurisdiction .All bogged down in masses of verbal disguise and tonnes of ” denial “

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