SNL ‘Jokes’ About Raping Roger Stone’s Dying 75-Year-Old Wife

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SNL 'jokes' about raping Roger Stone's dying elderly wife

Saturday Night Live ran a sickening skit over the weekend “joking” about taking turns raping Roger Stone’s 75-year-old wife who is battling for her life with cancer.

Yes, really.

Saturday Night Live: Trump advisor Roger Stone who draws his glasses on with a Sharpie (joke – haha) refused to cooperate with the committee investigating the January 6th attacks, though Stone said he would be open to sitting in a corner and watching the committee take turns on his wife.

The Trump-hating far-left comedians at SNL think its “funny” to joke about gang-raping the dying wife of a conservative.

WATCH: reports: They want to ruin his name, destroy his finances and then mock his cancer-stricken wife.

Don’t think for a second that you are safe from their evil.

** Please donate to the Stone Family Support Fund if you can.


  1. Trump can drop a mill in his begging bowl He’s a real tight arse sitting there at Mar a Lago that he bought for peanut’s and actually sending invitations to stop in and bring gifts Even says what size he wears.Really bad form actually.

  2. Remember when Stone said Trump was a threat to the deep state? He also said the deep state had a plan C for dealing with Trump JFK style.

    Roger failed to notice (wink wink) that Trump was appointing/nominating from the belly of the beast. The Council on Foreign Relations.


  3. If it was the other way around, you know it would be a huge issue. Look at the news Jessie Watters is drawing for his “kill shot” remark. None of the larger msm have mentioned any of this.

    Remember all this during midterms. The Dems are going to lose power real quick. Hopefully biden doesn’t ruin the rest of the country by then. He’s doing a hell of a job ruining it now.

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