New Zealand PM Unveils Initiative To Fund Journalists Who Write Government Propaganda

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New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern vows to fund journalists who push government propaganda

Radical New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced that taxpayer funds will be set aside for journalists who agree to write pre-approved propaganda given to them by the government.

Ardern explained the propaganda drive during a “Democracy Summit” last week to representatives of the U.S., Australia, Denmark, and Norway.

“We’ve also seen the spread of misinformation on COVID-19, particularly through social media,” Ardern warned. “We made it a priority to establish a public interest journalism fund to help our media continue to produce stories that keep New Zealanders informed.” reports: In other words, New Zealand is essentially commissioning its own state-run news similar to the former Soviet Communist Party’s “Pravda” newspaper.

In her opening remarks, Ardern even brazenly claimed that democracy is “being challenged across the globe” by protesters demonstrating against draconian COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates across the western world.

“If we are to navigate the challenges of our time – including COVID-19 and climate change – we will need to do so in a way that reflects our key strength – the inclusivity of our societies which allows us to acknowledge and value a diversity of voices and build enduring institutions and approaches to help solve challenges and address needs,” Ardern said.

Notably, Ardern’s platitudes failed to explain how exactly the tyrannical government-imposed lockdowns and forced inoculations model is somehow part of “democracy.”

The “democracy summit” comes just days after Ardern declared that “there’s not going to be an endpoint to this vaccination program” even if every citizen gets the compulsory COVID jab.

Remember, this same woman talking of “democracy” and human rights had the audacity to decree just days ago that citizens would now be permitted to the use the bathroom when visiting family or friends.

And this same woman who calls for “inclusivity of our societies” has bragged about creating a medical apartheid in New Zealand, where unvaccinated citizens are barred from participating in ordinary life.

Democracy is indeed “being challenged” — by the very people claiming to protect it.

Watch the full summit:

Day 1:

Day 2:


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