Killer Wasps And Ants To Invade Britain

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Due to a cold winter and warm spring, the British Isles will be invaded by killer wasps and ants this summer. Aggressive wasps plaguing summer barbecues are bad enough but the more hidden danger from Pharaoh ants poses an even greater risk.

Expert Tom Frost said: “The biggest problem will be the wasps – but the ones you really don’t want are Pharoah ants.”

The ants, which originate in the tropics, spread potentially fatal dysentery, typhoid and other infections by poisoning food.

Mr Frost said: “When people use standard ant poison, the worker ants send messages to warn others that they are under attack. The colony then splits up to survive.”

British Pest Control Association figures reveal that problems with wasps shot up by around 87 per cent in the UK last year compared to 2013.

Read more in The Daily Mail here.

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