Rothschild Demands Communist Operative Becomes New UN Chief

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Rothschild orders communist as new UN leader

Baron Eric de Rothschild has urged that Bulgarian communist operative Irina Bokova become the new United Nations (UN) chief. 

The move represents an explicit endorsement by the establishment for Bokova’s campaign, which has been sinking amid growing corruption scandals and troubling questions about her long service to the mass-murdering regime that enslaved Bulgaria. reports:

Estimates suggest the People’s Republic of Bulgaria dictatorship Bokova served slaughtered hundreds of thousands of victims, a huge number considering Bulgaria’s population today is only around 7 million. Many more were tortured and ruthlessly persecuted, including while Bokova, her allies, and her family, were serving as senior officials there.

More recently, corruption scandals have been swirling around Bokova and her UN campaign. Among other concerns, questions about how she was able to purchase luxurious properties in New York, London, Paris, and beyond have been raised by anti-corruption watchdogs in Bulgaria. Even when adding in the tax-funded salary of her “former” communist spy husband, the numbers do not match up. Separately, anti-corruption campaigners have accused Bokova of corruption in her tenure as UNESCO boss — in addition to the use of tax dollars to promote her UN candidacy. A dubious UNESCO “Peace Prize” named after an African dictator and awarded to Obama this year has also raised serious concerns.

Whether Rothschild’s open support will be enough to revive Bokova’s moribund campaign, run by known former spies for the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, remains to be seen. In a recent straw poll held among governments on the UN Security Council, Bokova finished in an unimpressive third place, despite support from Russia’s Vladimir Putin and an expensive (tax-funded) PR campaign trying to paint her as the “frontrunner.” Still, whether it works or not, Rothschild’s proud support for the corrupt communist does offer important insight into the nature and goals of the global establishment — a cabal that Rothschild, still listed on the family website as chairman of Rothschild & Co, represents better than perhaps any other single individual.

In a statement signed by more than two dozen leading French globalists, socialists, self-styled “intellectuals,” and Big Business operatives, Rothschild and his allies argued that “no one is better placed to address the critical challenges facing our common future as UN Secretary General than Irina Bokova.” Among other qualities, the letter touts the fact that she is a woman and speaks four official UN languages. Pointing to alleged man-made climate change and a “refugee crisis” largely orchestrated by the global establishment, Rothschild and company claimed “there is a growing need for a United Nations that shows relevance, legitimacy and effectiveness.”

Installing the corrupt Bulgarian communist as leader of the UN is what will “demonstrate modernity and attract the attention of Millennials,” the signatories claimed. “With four decades of experience in policymaking at the United Nations and as a diplomat, she is both respected and appreciated by political leaders on all five continents,” the letter said, without noting that Bokova was trained  as a “diplomat” at the KGB’s Moscow State Institute of International Relations. “It is high time a woman took the lead in global diplomacy to give the 3.5 billion women in the world the place they deserve in shaping the future of the generations to come!”

The insiders behind the letter also touted Bokova’s views on what is needed to implement the UN’s controversial Agenda 2030. The UN plan for humanity, often dubbed the “Sustainable Development Goals,” or SDGs, envisions national and international wealth redistribution, indoctrination of children as “agents of change,” and much more. Presumably, though, the wealth to be re-distributed will not be coming from Rothschild coffers or mega-banks. Ironically, despite Rothschild minions providing funding for the outfit that leaked the documents, Rothschild was exposed in the “Panama Papers” as the protector of a shadowy offshore entity known as Fergint Patagonia Trust. Obviously, Rothschild wealth will not be subject to the Agenda 2030’s plan to redistribute the wealth of middle-class Westerners to the UN and its member governments.

“Men or women in politics from right and left, representatives of business and cultural circles, of civil society, Jews, Christians, Muslims or atheists, we have joined together to advance an idea of crucial importance: that the United Nations should become a ‘new generation platform’ of dialogue and exchange among countries and cultures to promote and maintain peace and develop harmonious and sustainable societies,” the signatories said, with “sustainable societies” a thinly disguised code word for totalitarian technocratic societies. “We are convinced that Irina Bokova will be the Secretary-General the United Nations and the world need today. We respectfully urge the Member States of the Security Council not to miss this historical opportunity.”

Unsurprisingly, the letter, published by The World Post, a partnership between the far-left Huffington Post and the Berggruen Institute, completely ignores Bokova’s background and the stench of corruption scandals that grows more foul by the day. The controversial Bokova, whose campaign to lead the UN is literally dominated by former spies of the mass-murdering communist regime’s “little KGB,” has been a member of the murderous Bulgarian Communist Party since her youth, and long after it was re-named the Bulgarian Socialist Party for the purpose of receiving Western aid. She served in several senior positions with the regime, which is hardly surprising considering that she was the daughter of a proud murderer and top Communist Party official who served as the chief Bulgarian Communist Party propagandist — basically the Joseph Goebbels of communist Bulgaria. Bokova has never denounced the horrifying crimes of the Bulgarian regime she and her family served and benefited from.

In recent days, Bokova’s candidacy has fueled an even more intense a firestorm of criticism and controversy in her homeland. A prominent Bulgarian filmmaker sent a letter to UN diplomats from around the world exposing Bokova, along with a document compiling international news reports shedding light on her past and the more recent corruption scandals. Bokova and her communist allies, who still wield enormous power in Bulgaria despite the apparent collapse of communism, attacked the film-maker for his alleged “betrayal” of Bulgaria. Sources in Bulgaria tell The New American that camp Bokova has also been concocting bizarre conspiracy theories about an alleged plot to expose her past and derail her campaign to lead the UN.

Rothschild’s public support for Bokova, though, adds a whole new twist to the already shocking developments in the race to lead the UN. On its website, Rothschild & Co styles itself “one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory groups” providing services and solutions to “large institutions, families, individuals and governments, worldwide.” “Having been at the centre [sic] of the world’s financial markets for more than 200 years we can rely on an unrivalled global network of more than 2,800 talented employees and a track-record of outstanding execution with 50 offices around the world,” the website boasts in what might even be an understatement, adding that Rothschild & Co “can be closer to current issues than any other global financial institution in our core markets.” They are not kidding.

But Rothschild is more than just a powerful “bankster” for governments and globalists around the world. Consider that billionaire establishment globalist George Soros, who said publicly he had no regrets about helping the National Socialist (Nazi) regime confiscate property from Jews as a child, owes much of his own fantastic wealth to the Rothschild dynasty. Soros, of course, along with the Rockefeller dynasty and other globalists, are often viewed by Americans as the ultimate insiders. But next to Rothschild, their wealth and influence is suddenly much less impressive. Many other top establishment operatives and globalists also trace their power and wealth to the Rothschild banking dynasty. Estimates of the ultra-secretive dynasty’s wealth reach into the trillions of dollars.

And the power of this dynasty stretches back centuries. “The Rothschilds had decided the outcome of the Napoleonic Wars by putting their financial weight behind Britain,” noted globalist historian and establishment apologist Niall Ferguson in his book The World’s Banker: The History of the House of Rothschild. In other words, even more than two centuries ago, this dynasty, which is reputed to be deeply involved in the global central banking regime, was able to decide the outcome of wars between the most powerful governments on the planet. Since then, their power and wealth appears to have grown even further, despite efforts to stay out of the public spotlight.

The Rothschild letter was signed by 27 self-declared “leading French personalities.” Other signatories on the letter include prominent homosexual Pierre Bergé, who was fined one million francs for corrupt insider trading in 1996. Also on the list was Michel Boyon, who oversaw much of the French government’s propaganda apparatus throughout his career. Longtime socialist extremists Jean-Pierre Chevenement, the former defense minister, and Édith Cresson, the former prime minister, also signed. So did Big Business leaders, CEOs, nobility, politicians, and more. Sources tell The New American that the Socialist French government, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has been urging other governments to support Portuguese Socialist Antonio Guterres, former chief of the powerful Socialist International. Whether the Rothschild letter will change that remains unclear.

Despite their influence, though, the globalists backing Bokova probably would have been wise to de-activate the comment section on the letter, which was promptly used by critics to expose Bokova’s background. “Irina Bokova is [a] very dividing figure even in her homeland Bulgaria, not to mention she’s friends, sort of, with Putin,” wrote Stoyan Mechkarov from London. “She never clearly condemned Russian aggression in Ukraine neither the criminal communist regime in Bulgaria. Daughter of communist murderer and criminal who was part of the red elite in Bulgaria. I’m not saying that children are responsible for their parents lives but on this question the lady’s answer has always been ‘the times were like this’. This says a lot about the person.”

From New York, commentator Julia Quinn also lambasted the promotion of Bokova. “The 27 leading French personalities have never heard of Raiko Alexiev, the Bulgarian artist and intellectual, viciously murdered in bright daylight by Georgi Bokov — Irina Bokova’s father — a crime for which there never was a trial,” Quinn wrote, describing history that is well known in Bulgaria and among Bulgarian exiles. “But wait! The Bokov family was REWARDED for this by the Soviet/Communist regime and propelled to fame, power and social standing in their oppressed fatherland. Irina Bokova’s diplomatic career is the result and ‘benefit’ of unthinkable cruelty. Sleep well, French intellectuals!”

For Americans pushing to get the United States out of the UN — or an “Amexit,” as some members of Congress are calling it — Bokova’s candidacy represents a historic opportunity. It is, essentially, proof of what UN critics have said all along: The UN is a dangerous tool of globalists, communists, and other forces working to curtail national sovereignty and individual liberty. If a corrupt communist whose past is so well documented can be selected to serve as UN secretary-general, there is no longer any plausible excuse for members of Congress to continue sending American wealth to the UN. Ironically, under Bokova’s leadership, UNESCO lost all of its U.S. tax funding. With hard work and determination, Americans can ensure that the next globalist mechanism to lose American funding and support will be the UN itself.

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