Donald Trump: Hillary Wants To Be President To Stay Out Of Jail

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Donald Trump has said that fellow Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, wants to be POTUS just so she can keep out of jail

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has said that Hillary Clinton is running for president to avoid going to jail. 

Speaking at a Springfield, Illinois rally on Monday, Trump said:

“People are in jail right now for doing five percent of what she did and the Democrats are not gonna to prosecute her, and it’s frankly a disgrace. And you know it and so do I and so do these people right here—they know it.” reports:

Regarding Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State and mishandling of classified information, Trump said that “and you better remember that there’s a six-years statute of limitations on that crime.”

“Hillary is running for a lot of reasons—one of ‘em is because she wants to stay out of jail.”

Trump added that, “if we had honest government, Hillary wouldn’t be allowed to run.”

Trump mentioned that General David Patreaus got two years probation for sharing classified information with his mistress “and he was somebody that everybody liked, everybody respected.”

“What [Hillary Clinton] did is so much worse,” Trump said. “If I win, we’re going to look into that crime very, very seriously folks.”

Trump said that Clinton’s email scandal is a “real problem” and mentioned that Hillary is probably “watching right now” and saying to herself, “man, I better win.”

Trump later asked, “can you imagine Hillary being president?”

He observed that Clinton recently “got a little burst of energy because she figures she is not going to indicted” and got through the Benghazi hearings. Trump said he blamed House Republicans for the “ridiculous” Benghazi hearings that may have arguably benefited Clinton.

But Trump said that Hillary’s “energy is not a natural energy” and is “not going to last long.”

“There’s always problems with Hillary,” Trump said. “It’s always a problem.”

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