John Legend: Trump Is a ‘Cancer’ Who ‘Needs to Be Removed from Office’

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John Legend calls President Trump a cancer who needs to be removed from office

Pro-Hillary singer John Legend viciously attacked President Trump saying he “needs to be removed from office” before calling him a “cancer.”

The Grammy winning singer’s remarks come following President Trump’s decision to pardon and fully reinstate a Navy SEAL accused of war crimes, which led to the resignation of the Navy Secretary.

“The President is a cancer and needs to be removed from office as soon as possible,” John Legend declared on Twitter. reports: As everyone knows by now, Defense Secretary Mark Esper got rid of Navy Secretary Richard Spencer because of his handling (or mishandling, actually) of the case involving Chief Petty Officer Eddie Gallagher. Spencer planned on doing a review of Gallagher’s conduct while serving in Iraq in 2017. President Trump, however, had other ideas. When he found out what the Navy was planning, he quickly tweeted out that, no matter what, the Navy would “NOT be taking away Warfaighter and Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher’s Trident Pin.” That trident pin is the Navy SEALS’ symbol.

We are all free to disagree with the president on this issue (I do not, by the way), but Legend’s response is obviously way over the top. Then again, it hardly comes as a surprise that he has become a lefty radical. After all, Legend has been criticizing Trump from the very moment he took office. As The Hill points out, in other tweets and in interviews, Legend has called Trump “sad, and petty, and narcissistic and immature,” to give just one example of a sentence involving not one, but four insults.

The most fascinating part about Trump Derangement Syndrome — a mental illness from which Legend clearly suffers — is that those who suffer from it constantly do what they accuse Trump of doing: they constantly — every single day — dehumanize a man simply because he dares hold different views. The scariest part about all this is that I have little doubt that they would use violence against Trump if they could get away with it.

No doubt about it, these modern leftists are scary, scary people. And Legend is one of the worst.


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