Mandates Are Necessary to Prevent Further Mandates Says Trudeau

Fact checked

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made an attempt to justify his covid mandates by saying that people needed to comply with the restrictions to prevent further restrictions.

Trudeau made his comments when responding to Liberal MP Joel Lightbound during a parliamenttary debate. Lightbound had been critisizing his own party for not presenting a “roadmap” out of restrictions.

Summit News reports: He also accused the government of weaponizing the restrictions to “wedge and stigmatize” those who are refusing to comply with the mandates.

“What a lot of the anxiety and frustration in the population lies with the fact that some people… are afraid that certain measures are being normalized and that these measures shouldn’t be normalized, that they should be extraordinary and limited in time,” said Lightbound.

“I think that would go a long way in alleviating some of the frustration, and some of the division in our society and some of the polarization. That’s essential going forward,” he added.

Trudeau responded by essentially saying people needed to comply with the mandates, particularly vaccine passports, to prevent future mandates.

“Canadians got vaccinated. I can understand frustrations with mandates but mandates are the way to avoid further restrictions,” said Trudeau.

In other words, sacrifice your freedoms in order to get your freedoms back.

Makes perfect sense!

Meanwhile, Trudeau continues to hide from Freedom Convoy truckers who are occupying downtown Ottawa as the media relentlessly demonizes them as racists and violent extremists.


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