Lebanese FM: Israel & ISIL Share Same Principles and Work on Eliminating Pluralism in Mideast (Video)

Fact checked

From another excellent video from Eretz Zen, “Lebanese Foreign Minister, Jebran Bassil, himself a Christian, gave a speech during a meeting for the Palestine Committee of the Non-Aligned Movement held in Tehran. He pointed out that the developments in the Gaza Strip, the Iraqi city of Mosul, and the Lebanese northeastern border town of Arsal are the same. Arsal had come under an attack by militants from ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) last weekend, and the Lebanese Army is still engaged in a battle against them.

He stated that the Jewish state of Israel and the Islamic State of ISIL share common principles such as killing in the name of religion, forcibly displacing people in the name of the project of their state, and eliminating the ‘Other’ in the name of monolithism. He also stated that this is done with Western support, while the Middle East disintegrates and pluralism disappears.

Recent videos emerging from different parts of Syria and Iraq where ISIL operates have shown how the indigenous population of these areas is being driven out and replaced by foreign people coming from all over the world, where these new “citizens” already follow the Wahhabi ideology of ISIL. The same has been happening in Israel for a long time, where the native Palestinian population was and is still being driven out to be replaced by foreign people coming from all over the world because they happen to be “Jewish” and follow the same Zionist ideology of Israel.”


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