(VIDEO) ISIS Militants Have US Passports? Why This Illuminati False Flag Won’t Happen

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From an article from Ascension News:  “I was pretty hesitant to post this video because honestly, its mostly fear porn and I disagree with a lot of the points that the author of the video is making. That being said, I think there are a few points that are insightful as to where the Illuminati plan to go with this ISIS situation in the immediate future. Of course this will not come into fruition. Here is a link to the original BBC article.

Now this article can be viewed in a number of ways. You could view this article as just a piece of western propaganda that is trying to muster support for another war in Iraq or it can be seen as the BBC exposing Western involvement in the creation of ISIS. Personally I believe its the latter. The situation in Iraq right now is a plan that was hastily put together and for that reason it will fail. Wars such as World War I and World War II took years to plan and create. 9/11 and the decimation of Middle East in the aftermath was planned years in advance.

All of these plans have been completely thwarted by this point. What the Illuminati are doing now is trying to buy time so they mustered all of the CIA trained jihadists that were fighting in Syria with American made weapons and sent them into Northern Iraq in an attempt to bait the U.S. into intervening. An intervention in Iraq by the United States would help the Illuminati in two ways. It would make them lots of money because of all the weapons that would be needed which is a practice that the Illuminati have been involved in literally since their creation.

And it would allow the petrodollar to survive a few more months because it is quickly on its way out due to the fact that BRICS is about to open up their own financial system in July thus moving away from the dollar. That being said, if as this video suggests ISIS militants began causing havoc in the U.S., I do not doubt for a second it would only hasten the fall of the Illuminati because it would force the good guys in the Pentagon to act. Keep in mind that while I am sure the politicians who have been in Washington for awhile have a good idea that the Illuminati exists, I seriously doubt that any of them are “in the know” enough to have any idea where this ISIS situation is going.

The ones that are under Illuminati control just know that they need to be spewing rhetoric in favor of U.S. intervention in Iraq. What is interesting is the fact that Obama seems to be against it. – See more at: http://earthascends.blogspot.com/2014/06/isis-militants-have-us-passports-why.html#sthash.IapYrfo7.dpuf

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