Homeowner Catches Leftist Urinating on Trump Sign, Teaches Him a Lesson With Paintball Gun

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A degenerate Biden supporting liberal tried to relieve himself on a Trump 2020 sign in a patriot’s front yard in the middle of the night — and he was made to instantly regret his actions.

Little did he know as he was unzipping his flies, he was being watched on a home security camera. Seconds later, the patriotic home owner taught the trespasser a lesson he won’t be forgetting in a hurry.


Twitter users congratulated the patriot for defending his property, with some suggesting he should upgrade his paintball gun for something more powerful.

Although I must say that was awesome you need to upgrade your paintball gun to a full auto for the best effect. Lol,” said @ralph14733469.

That’s great! They need to make permanent paint balls, bright fluorescent orange, and officers should be able to tag the rioters and looters so everyone knows who they are,” said @SprinxJF.

Try electrifying the Trump sign like they use for cattle,” said Mindy.

“Oh man! When he slipped and his face came down on the little sign. You know that left a mark. Shoukd make him easier to identify other than the grapefruit sized welts he has on his body,” said @Equanimous1here.

Dean G. was concerned about the condition of the trespasser’s “old fella.”

Hope he didn’t have his old fella out when he rolled down the hill, that would hurt.

Baxter Dmitry
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