Video: US Prepares For Mass Graves – Millions Of Coffins

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By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine – via Before It’s News:  In the latest David Vose video release, titled “US Prepares for Mass Graves – Millions of Coffins,” Vose has compiled a number of disturbing recent news and alternative news headlines on a variety of topics, showing a world out of control. From economic collapse to Ebola to FEMA coffins, ISIS beheadings to the North Pole shifts, WWI and open borders, just to name a small sample of what he brings to our attention. Vose then poses a series of questions in his video details, stating that if these questions have to be asked then “we are living in the last days.”

Us Government prepares for mass graves and deaths. ISIS, EBOLA, U S Financial Debt, Will the New Republican President Crack down and close the borders, will he begin WW3? Will everyone be forced to be vaccinated, is the vaccine actually the Ebola Virus? Will Ebola persuade America to go along with Marshal LAW, will Isis Persuade America to go along with the One World Government?


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