Hillary “At Death’s Door” – Cancels Half Her Schedule

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Doctors claims that Hillary Clinton is very seriously ill as the media continue to coverup her illness

Questions about Hillary Clinton’s deteriorating health are continuing to mount after the Democratic presidential nominee has set aside almost half of her time as “personal days”. 

Not only has Clinton decided to take all of her weekends off, she decided to take three days off this past weekend, with no events scheduled this coming Thursday through Saturday (August 18th through 20th).

Thegatewaypundit.com reports:

This in essence would mean another three days off after three days of events scheduled starting today.  In total Clinton has taken 7 days off in August out of the first 14 days and is scheduled to continue with this approach through at least this coming Saturday.

Donald Trump on the other hand has taken only two days off in August, Sunday August 7th and Sunday the 14th.  Trump has 7 days where he has participated in more than one campaign event.


As previously noted, Trump has more than ten times the number of people at his campaign events than Hillary has at hers since August 1st.  More than 100,000 people have shown up for Trump events since the beginning of August (with many more turned away due to the events reaching capacity).  Hillary on the other hand hasn’t even had one tenth of that or not even 10,000 show up at her events since August 1st.

Also, it is clear by just looking at the crowds at Trump and Clinton events that Trump has a movement and Hillary has barely a heartbeat.

Trump’s largest event was in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, where it was estimated that the massive crowd there to see him was near 20,000. The largest crowd Clinton spoke at was in Washington, DC but this was a NABJ/NAHJ Event which had an estimated 4,000 in attendance.  Hillary’s largest event held by her campaign in August was back on August 1st in Omaha, NE when businessman Warren Buffett joined her and an estimated 3,000 locals.  In total when looking at just the Clinton campaign events, barely 8,000 people showed up to the seven campaign events since August 1st.

Also, as previously noted in a related post, Trump is destroying Clinton on social media.

Trump is crushing Hillary in attendance at events as seen in pictures and in numbers, and in social media in tweets, Facebook shares and YouTube live streams.

It is unknown why Clinton is taking so much time off.  Questions arise whether it is related to her terrible campaign event turnout or her poor health or some combination of both.

Maybe she is just exhausted as Trump noted in a recent speech.


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