President Caught On Hot Mic Saying ‘No One F**ks With A Biden’

Fact checked
Joe Biden

Joe Biden was caught swearing on a hot mic during a visit to Florida to see the damage caused by Hurricane Ian.

After taking questions from reporters, the 79-year-old president made an unexpected remark about family loyalty to Ray Murphy the mayor Fort Myers Beach.

Biden said “Keep the faith,” as he approached the mayor and then continued: “And by the way, you’re raised the same way I was. No one fucks with a Biden.”

“Yeah, you’re goddamn right,” the mayor responded looking surprised..

Unaware that his comments were being caught on camera, Biden finished by saying “You can’t argue with your brothers outside the house”.


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  1. Harping on The FBI have said the have enough evidence to indicte Hunter. Bobulinski, Hunters former emoyee has publicly stated that he has the evidence to convict hunter and he’s ready eillingbandvanle to go witness for the prosecution anytime.
    There’s talk now of whistleblowers within the FBI wanting to expose corruption from within Judge Jeanine pointed out that the fbis hands are tied, they have to get permission to indicate Hunter from Garland.

  2. I just watched that on 85 inch TV where you can see them properly and that Mayor doesn’t like him, pretends to because they were “raised the same way”
    But his doesn’t like him. They serve the same team leader and he will play along.
    He knows because he was raised the same way what went down.
    And DeSantis is behaving very perversely defying logic The government’s, the states been hot with billions in damages the insurers are fleeing florid a, the house prices are going to drop because owners can’t insure and so can’t sell, and tons slashing taxes on prams and road tolls etc losing the state billions in revenues for repairs and reconstructions?? Its bizarre and doesn’t make sense. And I’m fed up with stupid stories and clown comments. Grow up and start acting like adults, not teenage high school students thinking life’s a big laugh.

    • HOUSE PRICES HERE WILL NEVER DROP as half of america still wants to live here.Most lived in trailer houses by the sea no real loss other than loss of lifes.NAOO was reporting how bad it would be as the networks reported it was going to tampa way way wrong and off.You don`t have to insure many don`t.The LAND is WHAT COSTs many parts about one million per-acre or more.BUT you should`nt live within five miles of the shoreline as the sea levels are going up.the goverment is the insurer in about 80% of under a million dollar house.FEMA will have a hay day like they always do selling your car and boat and you will get pennys but that is the price you pay to live in 60-85 deg temps year round

    • anonymously juist don`t understand the florida system at all.FEMA runs things here and LAND IS KING 180 million for a 20 acre over on jupiter island without any house.House`s here are like new under wear you always need a new pair with the heat and all.TRailer lots mean FEMA recovering money and relocation unless you can afford a storm hardened house a few miles inland OR a beach house that can be replaced whenever needed.60-85degs year round EVERYONE WANTS TO LIVE HERE now after TRUMP showed`um the light

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