Nurse Testifies: “Preborn Baby Deaths Have SOARED Since Mandatory COVID Jabs”

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Nurse testifies that preborn baby deaths have soared since mandatory jabs were introduced

A nurse whistleblower has testified that millions of fetal deaths have been recorded in America since the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines for pregnant mothers.

According to Michelle Gershman, a registered nurse who spoke with Dr. James Thorp and members of the organization Children’s Health Defense, pregnant women forced into accepting the “experimental gene therapy” program is the “most egregious ethical disaster in the history of medicine.”

“I don’t understand how people just brush it off and pretend it’s not a big deal,” Gershman noted. “It’s absolutely a big deal. I do truly believe that babies are given to us by God, they’re meant to bring us love and joy, and if something comes between that, trying to take your baby away, to me that’s absolutely evil.” reports: Gershman noted that more unborn babies began dying in her hospital right around the spring of 2021, when the COVID-19 vaccines first started being distributed in the United States.

“I already noticed that this increase in fetal demises was happening, but no one was really saying anything about them,” recalled Gershman. “When I started working there, I would see one fetal demise every two or three months. And then when these shots started coming out, we were starting to see them maybe once a week.”

More women and infants started experiencing health complications following rollout of vaccines

Gershman has worked as a postpartum nurse since Nov. 2020, around the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. She noted that the coronavirus did not appear to adversely affect infant mortality or cause any major health issues for most pregnant women.

But starting in spring 2021, when the COVID-19 vaccines started becoming more widespread, Gershman started noticing all kinds of health complications pop up for pregnant women, mostly circulatory problems. These include women who still have high blood pressure even after giving birth and women experiencing blood clots and bursting of blood vessels in the eyes at far higher rates.

Many babies who were born to vaccinated women were unusually fatigued and their faces would come out discolored or even bruised. Many of these newborns had to spend some time in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit due to having difficulty breathing.

For months, administrators at Gershman’s hospital refused to address the issue. But by Sept. 2022, a hospital manager finally emailed employees admitting that the number of fetal deaths went from one or two per month to at least 20 each month. Gershman noted that the sudden rise coincided with the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Unfortunately, rather than call for proper approaches on how to save the dying newborns, the hospital manager informed hospital staff to “brush up on your policies” in order to “be able to handle a dead baby.”

“I really think a lot of people are in a trance and they just don’t want to admit that the vaccine could possibly be harming all these moms and babies,” said Gershman. She noted that a lot of people either really do not know or are unwilling to recognize the connection between the COVID-19 vaccines and the rise in reported health complications in hospitals. She believes this is because “so many of them are programed to think that vaccines are good when they’re not.”


  1. When the masses finally start facing the reality of the horror show that’s unfolding all hell is going to break loose.

    • I doubt that the masses are going to have the courage to face the truth that they’ve been duped. In his satirical style Mr. Mark Twain once commented, “It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled.”

      This ride in the handbasket isn’t ending until the King of kings reigns in Jerusalem. Until then this world is going to get worser and worser.

  2. Oh we know All over the place now the hospitals are overloaded with patients that the msm are saying is due to covid, but what they mean is due to the jabs really.

  3. This is the works and plans of the evil one.

    His mass murdering ‘medical’ legion makes sure he can steal as many souls from the light before they can repent their sins to G*D and aks Jesus forgiveness. To be saved you only have to ask and it will be done.

    But the ones that just keel over won’t be able… to say nothing about the ones that can’t even speak for themselves!

    • No Hes not a sucker You have to do more than just ask. You have to BELIEVE. “And ONLY God knows what is on a mans heart”
      But no mass murdering genocidal psychopaths can’t just say oh BTW I’d like to go to heaven s if that’s OK with you.

  4. After being vaxxed so she could travel to your Celine Dion had to cancel two years of tours, losing millions, due to insanity to perform. Now she started but has had to cancel due to “rare” Stiff Person Syndrome.
    Join the dots.

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