CIA: We Ordered ‘Agent’ Lee Harvey Oswald To Assassinate JFK

Fact checked
Lee Harvey Oswald exposed as CIA asset

A new batch of CIA documents has revealed that Lee Harvey Oswald, the man accused of assassinating President John F. Kennedy, was employed by the agency to carry out the killing.

Jefferson Morley, a journalist and investigator, made the bombshell claim during a press conference in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, less than two weeks before President Biden’s December 15 deadline to release still-classified records related to JFK’s assassination.

“What the CIA is hiding is what they’ve always hidden, which is their sources and methods as they relate to Lee Harvey Oswald,” Morley said at the National Press Club.

“We’re talking about smoking-gun proof of a CIA operation involving Lee Harvey Oswald,” he added, asserting that it took place in the summer of 1963. reports: Kennedy was assassinated at the age of 46 on November 22, 1963, in Dallas. Soon after, Oswald, a former Marine and onetime defector to the Soviet Union, was arrested and charged with the killings of Kennedy and Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit.

Although Oswald denied killing Kennedy and claimed he was a “patsy,” he was never tried — Oswald was shot dead at the age of 24 on national television at the Dallas Police headquarters by nightclub owner Jack Ruby.

The federal government has long claimed Oswald acted alone and was not tied to the CIA, but Morley says he and attorneys with the Mary Ferrell Foundation have received documents, via a lawsuit, that suggest the agency used Oswald for intelligence purposes in a secret operation approved by top CIA brass in the months leading up to the JFK assassination, Newsweek reported.

“This is an extraordinarily serious claim, and it has profound implications for the official story,” Morley said. “The CIA knew far more about the lone gunman than then they are admitting even today. So this story deserves the closest possible scrutiny.”

When Oswald returned the to the United States after his defection to the Soviet Union, he reportedly advocated on behalf of Castro and his communist regime at a time when Kennedy sought to oust the dictator during the height of the Cold War. Still-secret documents in the file of now-dead CIA agent George Joannides, who is known to have infiltrated pro-Cuban groups, could provide proof of an operation designed to discredit U.S. supporters of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Morley said, per the Independent.

Morley is the vice president of the Mary Ferrell Foundation, which in October sued Biden and the National Archives, accusing the government of failing to implement the 1992 JFK Records Act, even though tens of thousands of documents have already been released.

Last fall, Biden ordered a delay in the planned release of all remaining JFK files, but allowed for an interim release in December 2021, and set a December 15, 2022, deadline for full disclosure following a redactions process.


  1. More lies. Ruby they killed with lethal injections of cancer too, telling him it was a vaccine I think from memory.
    JFK was not a 33 degree freemason He didn’t know their secrets.
    They killed Dorothy Kilgallen and her best girl friend as well because she interviewed Ruby.
    He ran the Carousel club so it was all English secret stuff really behind it all.

    Anyway you can ask Judith Vary Baker She was Lees girlfriend.

      • And it’s quite possible Jackie had a tiny hand gun and she, I’ve been told by Freemasons, shot him behind the left ear in that spot they use to make sure their dead, and them she stashed the gun down the back of the seat and that’s why they ripped the car apart before the cops could check it.
        I tend to believe it too, because when Marilyn was killed she packed her bags and left JFK. Them he talked her into going back and age became pregnant and the child was deador died very quickly after birth and it was almost a year to the day Marilyn was killed. Jackie admired Marilyn secretly.
        And I’ve studied her movements on the dayand she knew and there was some secret between her and LBJ.
        Plus she wore that pink Chanel. Chanel was at one time the richest woman on earth, you know, do they say, but she got it by stealing the perfumes from Jews that the nazis murdered.
        Jackie knew she was a grave robbing bitch.

        • Did you post the two good postings above? You should know better and differentiate between plausible stuff and completely crazy BS!

          The Killer-Jackie-“Theory” is only strewn to make people waste their time and discredit them as “conspiracy theorists”.

          Most people don’t even know that the intelligence services continue to produce fake news/facts/documents etc. for YEARS after the fact. It’s what they do. And we can observe it today.

    • Judith was headhunted by the CIA to invent deadly incurable cancer which they told her were for Fidel, to kill him. Its all rubbish They just lie to everyone, especially journalists. They hate the truth We are all disposable to them. Never trust anyone cause nothing is what it seems.

    • Correct. There was no way anyone in the library could have shot JFK in that way from that angle. But they’ve so much to hide they are insistent on convincing the world Lee did it And they can forge anything now because of digitalisation That’s why they want the world digital.

    • exactly. he had no idea why they assigned him to work at the library. Who knows, maybe the library was a CIA office.

      • It’s possible that he was ordered to observe “something”.
        In any case he was on their leash and they placed him there.

  2. They ordered Lee to work at the Library, He didn’t know why. Didn’t realize he signed up to be a patsy.

    • They screwed him. Royally.
      And after the shots he knew and took off – and they pulled him out of a cinema like some pocket thief.

      If he had planned the assassination he would’ve planned a possible escape. He would’ve prepared something, somewhere.
      But instead he allegedly produced wondrous shots with magical bullets that nobody could replicate and gets caught on the very same day…

  3. So, nothing new! Only more circumventing media desinfo-BS, as usual:-)

    We already know the CIA is involved “far more” then we were told.

    No “Explosive” information here. It would be if this so called journalist and ‘investigator’ would reveal WHO ASSASSINATED JFK…

    This reeks after a media setup, it smells terrible from afar, MAO!!

  4. JFK, 911, Covid, pearl harbor, gulf of tonkin, DB cooper, sandy hook, Las Vegas, so many, I can’t remember them all , but they were all organized by the CIA, FBI, for the Rothschilds.
    We are so stupid to believe the narratives they give us. For God’s sake, just look at building 7 collapsing perfectly in its own foot print, just because of a fire that started 30 minutes prior.
    What are the odds that three huge buildings collapse in their foot print, perfectly, supposedly unplanned event. “what luck”
    Come on people wake up!!! Don’t be stupid all our lives.

  5. And Joe Biden, a Democrat, is assigned to continue the Cover Up. The Top Political Kennedy Assassination Conspirator was the Vice President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, a Democrat.
    Oswald was a CIA Agent when he was sent to the Soviet Union to spy. And later an informant with the Department of Justice, the FBI and the assassination Fall-Guy; The Patsy.
    Latest reports say the CIA had 8 assassins waiting for the President Kennedy motorcade and 3 opened fire, from the front and not the back. And then the vantage point where Oswald was allegedly located on the 6th floor had a huge Texas Oak in the way for the bullet travel to hit President Kennedy; the fatal bullet would have had to travel through the branches of a tree.
    Then police rushed to the top of The Grassy Knoll, where the assassins gunfire was located, they discovered 1) a FBI Agent and 2) a Secret Service Agent, both flashing badges, that turns out to be fake badges as there weren’t any FBI or Secret Service Agents assigned to that area, so who was?
    The fatal kill shot for President Kennedy was from 25 yards with a 30-06 firing a frangible hollow-point bullet hitting the President above the right eyebrow exiting creating a 2″ x 2.5″ hole in the back of the skull taking 30% of this right brain hemisphere with it. The President’s skull was altered at the Bethesda Naval Hospital to show a rear entry for the bullet.
    There’s a not-so-famous photo of Oswald, taken by an AP photographer, standing in the doorway of the Texas Book Depository watching the President Limousine go by. The photo was doctored, but the Original exists, altered to show someone else in Oswald’s place, who had a resemblance to Oswald.
    Army Expert riflemen tried out the Rifle after the assassination discovered the optic sight (scope) wasn’t sighted in to hit the target requiring metal shims to align the gun to hit the target. Even then, accuracy was poor as the rifle had seen hard use in war causing a lot of wear on the barrel.

  6. Oswald was behind Kennedy, yet the shot that killed him threw him backwards and slightly to his left. The grassy knoll was on in front of Kennedy and on his right. HELLO??!!

  7. Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy working with Gary Patrick Hemming, the actual shooter, using an Nambu type 99 machine-gun rechambered to fire the Italian cartridge, acquired from Clinton G Wheat, in June of 63, Wheat lived on Lafayette Place, Hollywood/LA, CA. The reports of some described hearing machine gun fire; Hemming worked as a free agent of the CIA and Oswald had joined the ‘Minutemen’ when he returned from Russia with his wife…it was a Minuteman connection that supplied the Type 99…which breaks down to three pieces and quite manageable as a shoulder fired weapon. The Type 99 was originally imported from an South American Military arsenal with other and similar weaponry by ‘Ye Old Hunter’ who maintained a gun store in North Hollywood, CA., many of his weapons were later reactivated and converted to fire the Italian cartridge of which there was at that time a huge surplus supply and very cheep; $17 for 2,000 round cases! This is all true, the funny part though is that Oliver Stone hired Hemming as a “Technical Advisor” when he made the JFK movie…thus keeping Stone away from revealing sources. Google their names if you don’t believe me. KDG, Esq

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