Singapore: Drones To Replace Waiters In Restaurants

Fact checked

There is currently a shortage of watiers in restaurants in Sinapore at the moment. So rather than raise wages to try and attract new waiters one company has come up with a more hi-tech solution: Using drones to replace waiters in restaurants. reports:

Infinium Robotics says its drones can operate without a controller, using a computer program, and sensors around the restaurant can help the drones navigate, the BBC reported. The drones can allegedly carry over 4 lbs. of food and drink, which is “two pints of beer, a pizza, and two glasses of wine.”

Timbre, a live music bar and restaurant chain in Singapore, is already getting started with their drone waiter program, and Managing Director Edward Chia believes it will help get food out faster and give human waiters more time to focus on customer service. The same restaurant company was the first in its area to start using iPad menus.

The only problem with the drones so far is that waiters still have to unload them once the food arrives to its table, and the drones can’t do things like clearing a table or washing a dish.