Australia Uses Wave Motion To Harness Electricity And Clean Water

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CETO 5 Single Unit
CETO 5 Single Unit

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency intends to supply the country with zero-emission electricity or directly desalinated sea water, with plans to extend the project worldwide.

The new CETO 5 system already delivers Zero-emission clean and efficient energy to the countries largest naval base through Australia’s power grid. The “Carnegie Perth Wave Energy Project” is an array of generators that will harness wave power from beneath the ocean. It uses high pressure hydraulics to drive electric turbines onshore.
Magazine Good Is reports:

CETO 5 (the fifth iteration of the CETO technology) is a modular array of three, entirely-submerged 240 kW buoys and water pumps. As oceanic waves move the buoys, they in turn activate the pumps, pushing pressurized water through power turbines, while simultaneously feeding into a desalinization system. This short video created by Carnegie Wave Energy, the company behind the CETO system, shows how it works. CETO 5 Single Unit:

According to Carnegie Wave, CETO has a number of potential commercial advantages over other wave power generating systems (as attn asks: “there’s more than one?”): CETO’s modular design allows for customizable scalability, and its being entirely submerged renders the equipment less susceptible to damage from storms and air erosion. What’s more, explains Australian Energy Minister Ian Macfarlane, the ebb and flow of the ocean is a much more reliable source of power than comparable green-energy systems, such as wind and solar.

Plans are already underway for a CETO 6, expected to generate four times as much power as the current system. As Carnegie Wave Energy CEO Michael Ottaviano told The West Australian: “The great thing about it is we know it works. The challenge from here on is really about scale and cost.

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