Ice Cube Admits Gangster Rap Was CIA Psy-op To Sow Division in America

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The government promoted and curated the gangster rap scene in the 1990s according to hip hop icon Ice Cube who group NWA were hugely successful during the era.

Speaking to Bill Maher on his podcast this week, Ice Cube said “The same people who own the record labels own the private prisons. Literally the same people.”

“The records that come out are really geared to push people towards that prison industry.”

Following pushback from Bill Maher, who said “But the government didn’t make you write those lyrics!”

Ice Cube explained the government’s role in the psy-op, saying, “It’s not about making somebody write the lyrics. It’s about being there as guard rails to make sure certain songs don’t get through and certain songs don’t. Some records are made by a committee.” Watch:

The People’s Voice has previously reported on the gangster rap psy-op.

John Homeston, a retired CIA agent, admitted on National Russian Television (NTV) that hip hop was a psy-op invented by the CIA in the 1980s and the agency has directed and financed household name artists including NWA, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and Kanye West.

The government at the time spent “big money, serious money” on this covert operation designed to “corrupt the American youth to nihilist, anti-establishment and anti-American ideologies” and “sow division” in America, he explained in a half hour interview broadcast on national television.

Check out this deep dive for more details about the CIA’s role in the 90s scene. Watch:

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