Inventor of mRNA Testifies ‘Moderna Knows Covid Vaccines Cause Turbo Cancer’ – Media Blackout

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An internationally recognized mRNA expert has provided evidence during congressional testimony, revealing that Big Pharma giant Moderna is aware that its Covid mRNA shots are causing “turbo cancer.”

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology inventor, delivered testimony at a Capitol Hill hearing chaired by Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. In his presentation, Dr. Malone showcased the patent for Moderna’s Covid vaccine.

Moderna’s patent reveals that the vials of its COVID-19 vaccine comprise billions of DNA fragments. These fragments, alongside other impurities, have been associated with the risk of birth defects and cancer.

In the patent, Moderna acknowledges that the contaminants in the shots can lead to cancer. Despite this admission, as emphasized by Malone in his testimony, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seemingly overlooked this information when granting approval for public use of the shots.

RNA is preferred due to the risks involved, Malone explained.

Dr. Malone underscored during the hearing that Moderna, in its patent, recognizes that RNA is a preferred component over DNA in vaccines.

Yet despite the risks, Moderna’s mRNA injection is contaminated with billions of fragments of DNA.

“Moderna has a patent on the use of RNA for vaccines,” Malone told the hearing. “And in that, Moderna explicitly acknowledges that RNA is superior to DNA for vaccine purposes because of problems, including the possibility of insertional mutagenesis that could lead to the activation of oncogenes or the inactivation of tumor suppressor genes.

“FDA says they’re not aware of any concerns, but Moderna in its own patent lays out exactly the same concerns that exist about DNA in insertional mutagenesis and genotoxicity.

“So, Moderna knows it – DNA is a contaminant.

“It is left in because of the way they make it … they use DNA to make RNA, and then they degrade the DNA, and then they have to purify the degraded DNA away from the RNA. And the process they are using is apparently not that good.”

Dr. Malone warned that those who have received the mRNA injections would likely be at risk from “anything that is associated with DNA damage.”

In terms of DNA damage, Malone explains that “birth defects and cancer [are] the most notable ones.”

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