New J6 Footage Reveals Capitol Police Incited Riot By Firing Munitions Into Peaceful Crowd

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New January 6 footage including police body cam footage released by House Speaker Mike Johnson to the public has revealed that Capitol police fired munitions into the peaceful crowd, inciting chaos and sparking a chain of events that was later spun by mainstream media to resemble a riot.

Each new piece of footage confirms what many Americans already understood – that the few scant minutes of available video recycled by the mainstream media paints a deeply misleading picture of what really happened. 

Many would argue that J6 was nothing more than a protest that was turned into a riot by police incitement and media spin. 

Making matters even worse, there are many people now languishing in prison because of that spin.

The new footage reveals capitol police inviting protesters into the building as they peacefully assembled in the corridors (the same people who would later be prosecuted and labeled “insurrectionists”). 

ZeroHedge reports: However, what about what happened before the “riots” started? 

Did they happen spontaneously, or were they incited? 

New video clips seem to show capitol police firing rubber bullets, tear gas grenades and stun grenades into crowds of peaceful protesters on J6 before anyone tried to enter the capitol building, possibly triggering the violence that would follow (and creating the footage that was played ad nauseum on major news networks as proof of insurrection).

Keep in mind that if such tactics had been used to incite BLM or pro-Palestinian riots there would undoubtedly be 24/7 news coverage of it.

These revelations further confirm why J6 footage was withheld from the country for so long.

It’s easy to control the narrative when you have all the evidence under lock and key.

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