Pilot Dies Suddenly During Boeing Flight Fom Novokuznetsk to St Petersburg

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Boeing pilot

A Boeing flight commander died suddenly during a flight from Novokuznetsk to St Petersburg in Russia on Sunday, according to reports

The Russian news outlet, RIA Novosti reported that the pilot, whose identity has not been revealed, felt ill during the flight.

The incident took place around 7:40 o’clock in the evening (Moscow time).

The co-pilot had to make an emergency landing at Omsk airport, but the commander had died before he could receive medical assistance,

“The resuscitation ambulance team arrived at the airport ten minutes before the plane landed. The team stated the death of the pilot before providing medical assistance,” the Ministry of Health of the Omsk Region said.

Their seems to be a dangerous increase in the number of times pilots have fainted or fallen asleep.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that a pilot reportedly “fainted” at 30,000 feet, prompting the plane to make an emergency landing in Greece last month.

“One fuming passenger claimed the ordeal had delayed the start of their holiday by eight hours. They said their family of four was given a €15 euro voucher each which covered a “basic meal,” the outlet reported. According to passengers, Jet2 does not compensate for delays due to medical emergencies.

The flight was rerouted as a “precautionary measure,” according to a representative from Jet2.

“Flight LS1239 from Birmingham to Antalya diverted to Thessaloniki Airport as a precautionary measure on Tuesday (August 23) due to one of the pilots feeling unwell. A replacement crew were flown to Thessaloniki so that we could get customers on their way to Antalya that same evening,” Jet2 spokesperson said.

“We communicated this to our customers as soon as possible, and our teams worked extremely hard to look after everyone. We would like to apologize to anyone affected by this unforeseen delay,” it added.

Commercial aviation news site Aviation Herald reported that two pilots on a flight from Sudan to Ethiopia last month had apparently fallen asleep and missed their landing.

“The incident took place on board an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737-800 en route from Khartoum to Addis Ababa, the report said, “when the pilots fell asleep” and “the aircraft continued past the top of descent,” according to CNN.

A reader reached out to Gateway Pundit last June 2022, saying that an air traffic controller who worked in the management in Madrid, Spain, anonymously tipped his wife that there were 28 unscheduled emergency landings in May 2022 due to medical issues associated with people losing consciousness compared to only one or two in a normal year.

**Due to the whistleblower’s fear of losing his job, the Gateway Pundit was unable to verify this information.

“Our source and her colleagues at work had discretely discussed the total numbers of un-scheduled, emergency landings due to medical issues that involved un-consciousness as having been ~25-30+ per month since the beginning of 2022 vs. a total normal figure of ~1-2 per YEAR across all Spanish airports during pre-vax roll-out years.”

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