Hollywood Celebs Blame Trump for Afghanistan Collapse: “It’s His Fault, Not Biden’s!”

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Hollywood celebs are now blaming Trump for Afghanistan collapse

Hollywood celebrities have sprung to President Biden’s defence following his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan by unanimously declaring that the collapse is Donald Trump’s fault.

Trump-hating celebrities including Bette Midler, Rosanna Arquette, George Takei and others took to twitter to immediately blame the disaster on Trump.

“This should be laid at Trump’s fat feet,” Midler tweeted upon hearing of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.  

Breitbart.com reports: Actress Sophia Bush also blamed the Trump, saying that his administration “set this ball rolling.”

Star Trek veteran George Takei also defended Biden’s Afghanistan debacle, claiming the president inherited a “shit show” from Trump.

Desperately Seeking Susan star Rosanna Arquette also cited Trump’s attempts to negotiate with the Taliban.


Disney’s Frozen and Beauty and the Beast star Josh Gad cited Trump’s deal with the Taliban before apportioning blame for the Afghanistan fiasco between Biden, Trump, Bush, and Obama.


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