Rosanna Arquette Claims Trump Has ‘Normalized Pedophilia, Rape, Mass Killings’

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President Trump's administration has "normalized" pedophilia, rape and mass killings, according to Pulp Fiction actor Rosanna Arquette.

Hollywood actress Rosanna Arquette has melted down on Twitter, claiming President Trump’s administration has “normalized pedophilia“, “rape” and “mass killings“, before stating that she wishes she could wake up without feeling “terrorized” by America’s “fascist regime.”

I just want to wake up and feel some peace and love in the world,” Rosanna Arquette said, “and not feel terrorized that we are living under a fascist regime as of today.

According to the Pulp Fiction actress, she regularly thinks about President Trump immediately after waking up in the morning.

Last month, Arquette penned a similarly deranged post claiming that Trump’s administration has “normalized” rape and pedophilia, among other demonstrably false accusations.

It’s hard to wake up this morning and realize we are living under a sick dictatorship ,that we now have a government that has normalized racism rape ,mass killings from Guns Pedophila ,homophobia, the destruction of our environment .this government has normalized stupidity,” Arquette said.

Breitbart report: Arquette shared a similar tidbit in the run-up to the midterm election last fall, saying, “Ive been waking up in the morning singing ‘we shall overcome’ for the past 2 weeks ..

The 59-year-old has previously compared the United States to Nazi Germany, telling one social media user, “You need to go to the border and see the children being locked in cages abused and traumatized for life. separated and some sold. this is like Nazi Germany ,that is what is happening. Wake up.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. She’s right, of course, but it’s the result of 8 years of Obama. And the rest … including her and her ilk, who are trying to perpetuate it.

    (Well not entirely her ilk, I hope, because Patricia Arquette is rather lovely.)

  2. you are totally mistaken – the DEMOCRATS have been involved with all of this for years. Just ask Hillary etc

  3. This lady is possessed cause noone in their right mind believes a word she says. Trump is cleaning out the swamp. Another demon possessed idiot, later lady!

  4. I’ll just bet this wiccan is a member of Cecile Richards new empowerment cult named ‘Supermajority’.

  5. I guess that is why there have been more child trafficking and child sex rings busted under Trump than Obozo ever attempted. The Demonclowns are the party of pedophilia and rape.

  6. Isn’t it in our countries slogan now to “grabb’em by the pussy”? Chump has normalized rape pedophilia and RACISM there’s no ifs ands or buts about it.. He’s a racist and so are all of his supporters, because the majority of his supporters voted for him solely to deport mexican’s outta this country

  7. I never liked Patricia Arquette as an actress and now I know why!!! She sounds like a crazy nut that needs to be admitted for 72 hours of psych evaluation!! I have seen Hollywood hiding and covering for Weinstein and they talk about Trump!! I have seen over 100 men, women and some of them were children when it happened!! Oh, let us not forget about Hillary and Bills ties to Weinstein and Epstein who are pedophiles and rapists including Bill Clinton!! There has never been any actual evidence, only a video recording talking grabbing women’s asses, but there has been actual reports coming from mostly Democratic members of Congress and most were there till they either didn’t go for re-election that paid out of a fund that the Democrats have to pay off these women coming from American tax payers!!! I have done my research on Trump and I don’t agree with everything he says or does, he is the most qualified person and has proven to the majority of Americans that elected him, that he is there for him not just for themselves. The question about he is doing it for money purposes can’t discount that the money he already has and the money from the tax payers are being donated to charities, the last one going to be split up to help the VA !! He might have never been in the military but he never avoided the draft but he sure helped military over the years and you can find those stories from true military men and women on how he did that!! I have not seen that in Hillary and Bill, both Bushes or Obama!! Matter of fact, each one of those cut military pay and the Dems in the house want to cut more from the military to keep us from protecting us from foreign and home terrorists, including those crossing the southern border!! They don’t care about our security, they just want the illegals, who are already criminals for crossing the border illegal!! If you want to come here, do it legally like those who you cut in front of that are still waiting to be vetted before allowing to come in!! NO ILLEGALS allowed Congress!! We the People who elected you want only legal immigrants that have been vetted and make sure they assimilate, which is part of the legal part of coming into the US !! We have border and laws and if you break them, no matter if you are man or woman or a child you have to be vetted and checked for ties to terrorism before another 911 happens!! Secure our borders Congress or get booted out!!

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