Rosanna Arquette Claims Trump Has ‘Normalized Pedophilia, Rape, Mass Killings’

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President Trump's administration has "normalized" pedophilia, rape and mass killings, according to Pulp Fiction actor Rosanna Arquette.

Hollywood actress Rosanna Arquette has melted down on Twitter, claiming President Trump’s administration has “normalized pedophilia“, “rape” and “mass killings“, before stating that she wishes she could wake up without feeling “terrorized” by America’s “fascist regime.”

I just want to wake up and feel some peace and love in the world,” Rosanna Arquette said, “and not feel terrorized that we are living under a fascist regime as of today.

According to the Pulp Fiction actress, she regularly thinks about President Trump immediately after waking up in the morning.

Last month, Arquette penned a similarly deranged post claiming that Trump’s administration has “normalized” rape and pedophilia, among other demonstrably false accusations.

It’s hard to wake up this morning and realize we are living under a sick dictatorship ,that we now have a government that has normalized racism rape ,mass killings from Guns Pedophila ,homophobia, the destruction of our environment .this government has normalized stupidity,” Arquette said.

Breitbart report: Arquette shared a similar tidbit in the run-up to the midterm election last fall, saying, “Ive been waking up in the morning singing ‘we shall overcome’ for the past 2 weeks ..

The 59-year-old has previously compared the United States to Nazi Germany, telling one social media user, “You need to go to the border and see the children being locked in cages abused and traumatized for life. separated and some sold. this is like Nazi Germany ,that is what is happening. Wake up.”

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