Queen Elizabeth Is ‘Direct Descendant Of Prophet Muhammad’ – Study

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Queen Elizabeth is a direct descendent of Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, according to a BBC News broadcast and Burke's Peerage, the genealogical guide to royal ancestry.

Queen Elizabeth is a direct descendent of Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, according to a BBC News broadcast and Burke’s Peerage, the genealogical guide to royal ancestry.

According to Harold Brooks-Baker of Burke’s Peerage, the British royal family is descended from Mohammed through the Arab kings of Seville, who ruled an Arab caliphate in Spain after the death of Muhammad.

At its peak, the caliphate ruled over territory from the Caucasus (Eurasia) to the Iberia Peninsula (Muslim Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar).

It was the fifth largest empire in history, governing 62 million people (29% of the world’s population at the time). Muhammad’s blood passed directly through this lineage to the European kings of Portugal and Castille, and through them to Queen Elizabeth, via England’s 15th century King Edward IV.

After carefully tracing Queen Elizabeth’s ancestry, it was determined that the British monarch is the 43rd great-granddaughter of the Prophet Muhammad.

Undated picture showing the Royal British couple, Queen Elizabeth II, and her husband Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, with their two children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

Here’s the press release by United Press International:

United Press International
October 10, 1986

Mixed in with Queen Elizabeth’s blue blood is the blood of the Moslem prophet Mohammed, according to Burke’s Peerage, the geneological guide to royalty. The relation came out when Harold B. Brooks-Baker, publishing director of Burke’s, wrote Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to ask for better security for the royal family. “The royal family’s direct descent from the prophet Mohammed cannot be relied upon to protect the royal family forever from Moslem terrorists,” he said. Probably realizing the connection would be a surprise to many, he added, “It is little known by the British people that the blood of Mohammed flows in the veins of the queen. However, all Moslem religious leaders are proud of this fact.”

Brooks-Baker said the British royal family is descended from Mohammed through the Arab kings of Seville, who once ruled Spain. By marriage, their blood passed to the European kings of Portugal and Castille, and through them to England’s 15th century King Edward IV.

Here’s the ancestry of Queen Elizabeth in full, courtesy of Burke’s Peerage:

Elizabeth II, Queen of the UK – daughter of
George VI, King of the UK – son of
George V, King of the UK – son of
Edward VII, King of the UK – son of
Victoria, Queen of the UK – daughter of
Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn – son of
George III, King of Great Britain – son of
Frederick, Prince of Wales – son of
George II, King of Great Britain – son of
George I, King of Great Britain – son of
Sophia, Electress of Hanover – daughter of
Elizabeth of Bohemia – daughter of
James I/VI, King of England, Ireland & Scotland – son of
Mary, Queen of Scots – daughter of
James V, King of Scots – son of
Margaret Tudor – daughter of
Elizabeth of York – daughter of
Edward IV, King of England – son of
Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York – son of
Richard of Conisburgh, Earl of Cambridge – son of
Isabella Perez of Castille – daughter of
Maria Juana de Padilla – daughter of
Maria Fernandez de Henestrosa – daughter of
Aldonza Ramirez de Cifontes – daughter of
Aldonza Gonsalez Giron – daughter of
Sancha Rodriguez de Lara – daughter of
Rodrigo Rodriguez de Lara – son of
Sancha Alfonsez, Infanta of Castile – daughter of
Zaida (aka Isabella) – daughter of
Al-Mu’tamid ibn Abbad, King of Seville – son of
Abbad II al-Mu’tadid, King of Seville – son of
Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn Abbad, King of Seville – son of
Ismail ibn Qarais – son of
Qarais ibn Abbad – son of
Abbad ibn Amr – son of
Amr ibn Aslan – son of
Aslan ibn Amr – son of
Amr ibn Itlaf – son of
Itlaf ibn Na’im – son of
Na’im II al-Lakhmi – son of
Na’im al-Lakhmi – son of
Zahra bint Husayn – daughter of
Husayn ibn Hasan – son of
Hasan ibn Ali

Is Queen Elizabeth promoting her Muslim ancestry?

BBC Arabic has begun promoting the idea that Queen Elizabeth is a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. Numerous television segments broadcast on the BBC in the Muslim world have been devoted to the idea.

While the following BBC broadcast is in Arabic, the content of the segment is easily understood by the English speaking viewer:

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Agreed. Aside from the yazidis, the Muslim’s believe and know in God, the creator. Unlike those who admire hillel, like the yazidis, and the ones you mentioned.

      • Baloney. Allah actually means ‘from the universal LIGHT’. And ISLAM is a zio-construct based on the TALMUD = Satanic.
        Keep in mind that the devolutionaries, self-named ‘illuminated’, are LIARS who have long hijacked our centres of knowledge and twisted all our past with opposites. Just consider how they use a term for enlightened when they are (by their very rituals and worship) 180 degrees in the opposite. They are freaking out as they can no longer control the narrative as we reclaim our way of the Light.
        Also, there is a night and day difference between Lucifer (of the Light) and Satan (= Seth, god of Death and Desert) – check this out:

        • just as I said to the idiot above learn before you speak when I say learn I mean from real sources the word allah is an arabic word of god ! the christian Arabs used the word “ALLAH” before the Muslim it is written in the Arabic bible and , muhamed father who was born and died before islam name was Abdullah , allah don’t mean light Allah means god that how Arabs called god “allah ” just as every other language have a word for god Arabic language is old language and sure the world allah came from somewhere just as the world god it’s not god came down to you and told you to cll him god you idio! and allah is not a name it’s just how you say god in arabic < stop being stupid or at least stop showing the world how stupid you are dear god help those ignorant find knowledge lol

          • Dumbo. Light refers to the ‘Light that casts no shadow’ = God, Source, Origin, Isis, Ra, Shiva, Allah whatever your tribe / culture. Semantics aside, there is only ONE God, irrespective of the name per language.

      • There are people, muslims, jews, and westerners who follow satan, take a look at clinton, maybe the house of saud, the gov of Irael, Rothchilds [supposed jew] etc.. the club of 300, Hollywood, many in music industry worship satan and the Muslims have a name for satan, Iblīs (or Eblis), is the Islamic equivalent of Satan, who was cast out of heaven, by God, after he refused to prostrate before Adam do your research before engaging mouth.

        • You do relies what Jesus warned us about. There would be false prophets living among us, they will make claims they are the true path to God. However they are wolves in sheep’s clothing… The ones you mentioned above did not follow God and His Son Jesus, they followed fake prophets. They hide behind the church however does the devils bidding Huge difference..

          • Laurie, if you are talking about Muslims. . The followed a true prophet and respect all the predecessors . Muslims highly believe in Jesus and God. Google you will fund out . The old an new Testaments are confirmed in the Quran , and the ten commandments.
            All you need to do is investigate and read.

            Just don’t read what ISIS wrote. It is a joke .

          • Thanks dear for your comments
            I have read some of them
            You really understand that Muslims are not terrorists
            There is a difference between Muslims and IsIs

          • +Sorry Camy, as you dont know every single muslim… that is a very broad statement to make… There are satan worships in every belief system….. but they do not go around broadcasting the fact that they are, there are all kinds in all belief system. but if you are happy believing that muslims are the only group that dont have any satan worshippers , enjoy

        • You are saying Allah is satan, and that is wrong. No Muslim worships Satan. I was born in the faith, I know the Quran. No believer worships Satan. We should be respecting each other.
          May God show you the light.

          • Camy, Sorry, I never said Allah is Satan…. I said that there are some people who come from every belief who worship Satan…. people are human and none of use a perfect…. We are all Children of God. I agree God gave use all a choice, but some do not choose God, but to say that no muslim [ex muslim] woships sata, is the same as sayin no Christian [ex Christian] worships satan… Look around you,, Could you point to where I said Allah is Satan????? I would insult my muslim friends and neighbour with such an insult, so maybe a typo which I will have to correct.. Thanks for showing me where I said this 🙂

        • Allah means God in Arabic. It is not Satan. And we all worship him. All the Abrahamic faiths worship him, we all just pray different ways.

          Satan is out there, just don’t allow him to feed into our lives.

          • Your ignorance will cost you your most valuable possession, your offspring. Remember, a snake is a snake for a reason. And a snake can only react the way a snake reacts. You cannot domesticate a Black Mamba, and if you try, and it bites you, your ignorance is to blame.


        • There is no respect and never has been. As a American I think your all idiots. We will expose, buckle up for ride….Poor thing

        • It’s only the fastest growing religion in the world because of force. Sure, you have some converts because they like child brides and being in charge, but mostly it’s force.

          • Sorry madam you are wrong your knowlege is too weak. America has the highest rate of rape, paedophiles racism,drugs and crime.so kindly pay attention to that that’s more important.

          • Now this is not nice . Ellen when was the last time you read the Quran, what do you know about the faith . Everybody respects your faith. You should respect others as well.
            May God comfort you .

      • U SHOULD NOT SAY MY GOD IS SATAN …. I PRAY U WILL FIND LIGHT IN ISLAM … and u will regret with all your words when the day comes

        • May God bless Islam and the Muslims, and all the Abrahamic faiths .
          People loo to each other, not at each other.
          Islam is the fastest growing faith in the United States.
          Mind you , there are Muslims , and there are the Muslim Brotherhoods, who are neither Muslims nor Brotherhood . It is a terrorist organization .. That it’s aim is to kill Muslims , they are their only threat towards establishing the political Islam in the world.. . At the direction of we know who . They are a paid Mafia .

          • I love your insight and knowledge Camy! Thanks for standing up for the Muslims, whom have just become everyone’s punching bag… As for all the rest of the participants on this convo, who accuses Muslims of being Satan worshippers and terrorists, please hear me out… This is all “ CREATED” terror, in order to divert everyone’s attention from realising and focusing on who the true enemy is in this world, namely Zionism/Illuminati… ISIS actually stands for ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE and they just put a bunch of men in beards with most of their faces covered in the front, in order to make it appear that Muslims are the terrorists! ANYONE can scream ALLAHU AKHBAR if they are PAID to do so… Haven’t you seen and noticed what’s been happening in the movies? FBI and CIA have been specialising in undercover ops since forever, and it’s no problem for them to either get a person or a whole bunch of them to PRETEND to be something they are NOT! The TALIBAN has also been PROVEN to be an undercover ops program of the FBI and CIA in order to INFILTRATE, DIVIDE AND CONQUER and once again DIVERT attention from what is ACTUALLY going on in the world! Is anyone paying attention to what is actually going down in Israel, as we speak? They are the ONES who want to create THE ONE WORLD ORDER and whose to blame for terrorising poor Muslim countries for decades now! You should simply revert back to recent history and ask yourself who created, instilled and enforced one of the biggest crimes against humanity – namely, APARTHEID and SLAVERY!!! These criminals, were ALL SO-CALLED EUROPEAN CHRISTIANS!!! NOT ARABS, NOT MUSLIMS! Did ANYONE ever judge and criticise Christianity to be a SATANIC religion? Noooooooo… WHY??? They DARED NOT, seeing that there isn’t ONE verse in the Bible or ONE COMMAND from God or Jesus to instill such a horrific system of oppression and murder of innocents based on skin color and race!!! Please people! WAKE UP AND REVERT TO YOUR HISTORY BOOKS! Know your TRUE ENEMY! To address the accusations of Allah being Satan – Astaghfirullah!(meaning may God forgive and have mercy on us), is merely an Arabic word for God… He is the ONE AND ONLY true God Who has created ALL mankind and everything that is beautiful and pure and that exists in our magnificent universe… In English, His name is God, in Afrikaans, His name is God, but pronounced differently, to the Jews, He is Javeh, to the Germans, He is Got, to the French, He is Dieu… Honestly people, please open your eyes and hearts to the truth and STOP hating! Islam IS A RELIGION of peace! It is forbidden to even kill an ant! One is only allowed to defend yourself in battle, if another wishes to empower you and take away your freedom of religion and your right to live! Please read the Quran to get your facts regarding true Islam and NOT the COSMOPOLITAN or NEW YORK TIMES… Even though I have sooooo much more to say, I just want to finish off my conversation by saying that I am a Christian revert to Islam, and instead of being taught to hate Christians and the BELOVED Prophet Jesus, May peace be upon Him, I LOVE Him and the TRUE Christian faith EVEN more than ever before! Islam has taught me to believe in the final Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon Him, but it has also taught me to love, respect and follow ALL THE PROPHETS OF GOD, right from the beginning of Adam, peace be upon Him, seeing that ALL of them came with ONE MESSAGE! LOVE, MERCY, FORGIVENESS, KINDNESS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THE BELIEF IN THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD… My own Mother is a CHRISTIAN, she lives in my home and is a granny to my Muslim children! How is that for Islamic so-called “terrorism”??? Please, please, please! As is written in the Bible, Torah and Quran… If you seek the truth, you shall find it… Open your hearts and minds in order for God to fill it with light, love, mercy, kindness and the TRUTH! May Allah’s/God’s peace, mercy and guidance be with you all!

        • am very sure u are still searching for the light yourself as a muslim, u dont know what will happen to you when you are dead or where you will go when you die, so you are not in a position to judge anyone within or outside your faith and you will never be! be guided!!!

      • If Allah is Satan then the off repeated formula in reciting the Quran- ” i seek refuge in the accursed Satan” sounds funny..
        Or when the Quran says: I you are tempted by satan seek Refuge in Allah

        It baffles that Some people comments out out of ignorance

      • ALLAH is an arabic word meaning GOD in ENGLISH …YOU people don’t understand anything about Islam . Muslims worship the creator .. Nobody else .

      • Unfortunately Allah isn’t Satan and I forgive you for mocking my creator our creator we aren’t forcing to accept Allah as our Lord u have ur own mind to believe what you want ..

      • If muslim woship satan then why they dont drink, why they dont eat bad things like pork, why dont they do illegal sex (sex without marriage), why they they believe in simplicity, why they do charity, etc etc its not islam who is folloing satan its you who is following satan and islam is anti satan.

      • You don’t know anything.
        Try to read and educate yourself first.

        If you are correct then all Christians Jews and Muslims are worshiping Satan. Muslims do believe in Allah SWT. The one and only one God.

      • Mind your tongue,wait and watch what will happen with you since you had spoken something for the Almighty..just keep watch.

  2. This is a lot of nonsense, and as a past comedian used to say, “A Lot of Cobras”. This is just false facts, fabricated news and fake news. The British royalty are descendent from King David’s line. God promised King David that there would be a continual descendant on his throng, and if one know and understands the history of the House of Israel and the House of Judah from around 600BC onward, together with the prophesies of the prophets, especially Jeremiah and believes GOD, it would be obviously clear what the lineage of the Queen is. The fact is the queen already has a real recorded genealogy dating back to King David.Therefore one must ask, what turning of events is going on here, and what are the false powers that be up to? Jesus Christ would not and will not allow the throng to be occupied by others than Davids line, and any attempt will fail! As God’s promises cannot fail!

    • Um no… they are not from davids lineage.. exactly the opposite… mohhamad is of the lineage of Ishmael the bastard son of Abraham .. Ishmael the counterfeit heir/antichrist… do some research …. or better still… READ YOUR BIBLE

      • *Ishmael the bastard son of Abraham*……..oh you mean to say he was like you…lol…..
        Go check your own ligitimacy first,you got no right to disrespect the messenger and prophets of God.does your religion,or holy book not teach you any ethics of conversation?

        • +Ash careful, every human is a child of God,,,,, even you, so watch that you mouth doesnt get you into trouble with God…..

          • Well excuse me ,I am not attacking any one here,it’s quite obvious from **readyourbible *person has actually called BS*to a messenger and prophet of God.my mouth doesn’t gets me in trouble because I am the one standing up for and beside the righteous and pious.
            I don’t know you but I do respect what you have said,and I hope you comment on *readyourbible*not to DISRESPECT THE MESSENGER SND PROPHETS OF GOD.because doing so will get them and those who take their side will get in TROUBLE.


      • do more study and learn the fact of Abraham and Ishmael and so on and on. Hope you will do that soon to understand your mistakes.

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  4. a LOT OF BULLSHIT IS POSTED ON THIS SITE NOWADAYS..IT NEVER USED TO BE LIKE THAT….. THINGS CHANGED ON THIS SITE WHEN THEY DID THE SHORT TERM NAME CHANGE FOR THE SITE SOME MONTHS BACK… after that this site basically became a bullshit site,, However I do believe this story to be correct and accurate…… don’t believe me… do your own research.. this whole new world order thing is about BLOODLINES…. BLOODLINES orchestrated by satan himself…… that’s his whole plan…..however it will be short lived as he has to go to hell soon.. and that is very very exciting………. Read your Bible

    Revelation 20:10 King James Version (KJV)

    10 And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever

  5. I dont doubt this story, because British Royal family/ government has been supporting hausa/fulani Muslims of northern Nigeria against Biafran/hebrew/Christians of Southern Nigeria. Britain/Royal family starve to death 3.5 million Biafrans to death according to CIA in Biafra Nigeria war(1966 to 70) eventhough Britain brought their fake gospel to Biafrans, they still support Muslims against Christains in Nigeria. So this story is FACTUAL TRUTH. This Queen and her family are muslims.

  6. Thank you for the article. It appears she is mightily upset at the Brexit and her relatives (self-anointed ‘royals’) are freaking out that the eastern European nations are rejecting her Wahabi satanic head-choppers and ‘Sharia law’ – and the sentiment is catching throughout Europe. Occupied Germany’s Merkel is the only stick in the mud. The ‘royals’ days are gone as their black magic assumed ‘right to rule’ illusion is losing in the eternal Light of our soul’s source.
    I’ve recently learnt that our Western ‘religions’ as set on Moses’ “Ten Commandments” were the foundation of all our woes with these black magic charlatans because Moses, being a liar, murderer (war), coveting the wives of the men he killed and stealing their possessions, withheld the other 14 commandants.
    God had written the 24 Commandants on his Soul and Moses inscribed the tablets with only 12 initially, then erased two more to protect himself from criticism, specifically ‘Thou shalt not lie’ and that all men were equal. Check them out for yourselves – you’ll be amazed how we know these in our hearts:

  7. It’s actually happens now so me or our coming generations will see and wait that day when antichrist melts with Hazrat Essa (R.Z) sword..
    Muslims Allhamdullilah was always being ready for that coward faked antichrist when show up his self we will ready for too face and fight against his satanism soul… InshaAllah

  8. The religion of Allah Al-Islam will eventually dominate the earth before the last hour. However, the evil hand of the New World Order is stirring the pot to create differences between the various Abrahamic religions and using them to destroy each other and with them everything else. The false flag operations are used to expedite this destructive process while our Rulers are sitting on their asses doing nothing. Looks they are part of this process.

    In America the Evangelical Christians are busy painting Donald Trump, the pussy grabber, as son of God or the God chosen. Will he end up claiming that he too is direct descendant of Jesus Christ?

    Nowadays if you are crazy enough you stand a great chance of becoming a leader (or misleader).

    Please inbox me if you like to donate to my work to prevent these crazies to destroy our world.

    Mahboob Khan
    World Peace Ambassador

    • Islam will NEVER dominate the earth, because it is the motherload of BAD ideas. Islam is actually on the verge of being eradicated from the earth. It will be 6 billion versus 1.5 billion Muslims. And the Muslims aren’t hard to identify. Thanks to their customs they stick out like sore thumbs and make easy targets. Mohammed lied about his dream of Gabriel, and was a pedophile, torturer, rapist, murderer and COMPLETELY INSANE.

      • More ppl are converting to Islam than any other religion in fact it will out number Christians in Europe in about 50 yrs or less the enemies of Islam couldn’t defeat us when the message was young in Arabia they can’t do it now or ever so keep dreaming you mook

          • still more Christians converting to Islam… because jesus neither God nor a son of God. Qul huwa allahu ahad.

          • You’re probably right about numbers, Satan is hungry for souls, as Bible say: “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” Unfortunately some dizzy Christians don’t read and don’t want to understand God’s words, so they become apostates. But… well, as Romans said, “non multa, sed multum” – quality is more important than quantity, neh? [Anyway, we are all brothers because we are all sons of God the Creator (well, perhaps without those who believe their ancestors are monkeys, lol!)]

      • Peoples like you are not strange to come out with this kind of statements….still denying the facts….go on to live in denial…

    • Not true! You don’t know anything about us it seems by the way you talk! No true born again Christian worship DJT and he wouldn’t want that!
      We worship, The God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God Jacob, the God of our fathers, who glorified His servant Jesus!
      Jesus said He and the Father are one! They are! If you knew the scriptures you would understand! Christians voted for Trump he is a servant and child of God like us that’s all! He’s doing a great job and working hard for us! We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God! No man is perfect apart from Christ who died for our sins and the sins of the whole world! He rose again on the third day according to the scriptures! That’s the good news! The Gospel that saves us! Jesus did it all, all to Him I owe! Sin had left a crimson stain He washed it white as snow ❄️

      • NEVER DID JESUS SAY- I AM GOD WORSHIP ME Rather Gospel of John chapter JESUS SAID 16 verse 12-14: “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth is come, he will guide you unto all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. He shall glorify me”. Gospel of John chapter 16 verse 12-14: – God will put His words in the mouth of that prophet and he will declare what God commanded him.

        • And Since Jesus (Eisa AS), who is the one who glorifies him the most?
          The Muslims, the true followers of ISLAM believe that if a person does not Believe in Jesus (Eisa AS) then he is not a Muslim.
          There are believes OF Islam and then there are Practices IN Islam, the practices determine your level, but the believes decide whether “you ARE” or you “are NOT” a Muslim, these are described in detail, in THE QURAN, no human can judge you, only GOD can (ALLAH SA)
          The Christians Call him (Eisa AS) only by his name “Jesus” or sometimes add the “Christ” but Muslims ALWAYS use the words “AlaihisSalam” in short “AS” which means “Aleh=Up on him” and “SALAM=Peace”.
          P.S. Muslims believe that Jesus (Eisa AS) did not die, in fact he ascended to the heaves and shall descend when anti Christ will try to torment the humans near the end of times.
          Jesus (Eisa AS) is and will be the final savior of Humanity/Mankind.

          Among His Signs is this that He created you from dust; and then Behold ye are men scattered (far and wide)!=V 20
          And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts); verily in that are Signs for those who reflect.=V 21
          And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and your colours: verily in that are Signs for those who know.=V 22
          And among His Signs is the sleep that ye take by night and by day, and the quest that ye (make for livelihood) out of His Bounty: verily in that are Signs for those who hearken.=V 23
          And among His Signs, He shows you the lightning, by way both of fear and of hope, and He sends down rain from the sky and with it gives life to the earth after it is dead: verily in that are Signs for those who are wise.=V 24
          And among His Signs is this that heaven and earth stand by His Command: then when He calls you, by a single call, from the earth, behold, ye (straightway) come forth.=V 25
          To Him belongs every being that is in the heavens and on earth: all are devoutly obedient to Him.=V 26
          The QURAN-Al-Room – Ch 30: V 20 to V 26

          May GOD (ALLAH SA) guide us ALL to the truth..

  9. This drivel would be like the Pope claiming to be descendant of Lucifer. Sometimes people are quick to forget that Mohammed was the greatest terrorist that lived over two thousand years ago and fought Jihad until he expired in Medinna. It would be therefore be sacrilegious and the height of blasphemy to remotely link the head of church of England with same lineage of a terrorist.

  10. If she did looks like another sell out has come out the closet royal brain dead fucks if true they can all eat shit like rest of the anal insect sell outs don’t worry about the zombie apocalypse its the fucktard one and its already here

  11. How stupid… i saw that list of geonology and found lot of mistakes… even high school history student can point out its mistakes…

  12. Ordo ab cao, order through chaos, first they create caos then through the fear they rule the masses and take away the chaos

  13. Great Britain has embraced the Muslim Brotherhood, allowed their football teams to be bought by Qatar and Abu Dhabi and have a Muslim mayor. This was probably the master plan all along.

  14. Oh, oh, and Muhammad is descendant of Abraham who is descendant of Adam and Eve, like all of us. Arabians have a saying: (aprox. 🙂 ) “Don’t be proud of your father, if you don’t do the same thing [as him]”; so, if the Queen is proud of muhammad, means she’s the same rapist, murderer, savage and liar like her new-found “ancestor”?? I’d avoid stating this if I were her!! But well, she has an age…. and forgets, for instance, that she also have Dracula / Vlad the Impaler as an ancestor; or, Vlad the Impaler ate muslims at breakfast! Sorry, but seems that our beloved Queen lives in a schizophrenia and forgets where and what she is!

  15. Prophet said to unbelievers “Your LAW is to you, my LAW is to me” …. can the Queen say that to the NWO gang?! 😉

  16. Dear all, please do your judgement about Islam ONLY after reading the TRANSLATION of Al-Quran (the last holy book in Islam). It’s too easy, you all can download via Play Store eg Ayat Al-Quran etc.

  17. I can’t wait til the aliens come who will eat all your faces while raping your booty-holes…this has been preordained

  18. With So many Muslims in UK , The London Mayor too as Muslim , She wants to SAVE her Family , Losing Fate in JESUS , Maybe She will Start Wearing the BURQHA and ISIS flag will FLY on the Buckingham Palace

  19. But in a Way , as a HINDU , I am Happy because Both in the name of the Jealous God and Allah , we have been Victimized , So if they Get Back to Fighting with each other , we will be at Peace

  20. it could be either true / false, but people so angry about it? there are historian to check this out , why is some commentator are jumb to conclusion that its false/true ,it only shows their wishies to be included or to be arrogant.
    it could be just a rumours but shows who you are what you utter …..
    i know for sure zioniset are plotting for muslimes and Christians, but don’t understand how this article fit there, haven’t heard this on BBC, zionists tool, ….
    evengelican , new zionist created financed relegion is a joke! they sell their ‘God’ jesus for money, he’s mocked and crussfied and hated till now by their master ,zionist Telmudic Jew, and pay them to accept it as ‘ forgiveness ..’
    on the other side, Muslims who love and respect their God Jesus is their enemy number one , this the most stupid story i ever hreard! alas money can buy you many things incurring the souls of wicked .no shame.
    children of god support homosexuals, pedophilia …….
    pls do some favour for yourself , do some research before commenting, that’s what q wicked do

  21. Dear World, brothers and sisters…….please read…..we welcome you………………………………………………………….
    O mankind! Lo! We have created you from male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. Lo! the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware. ( al-Hujurut, ayat 13 )

    They said: O Dhu’l-Qarneyn! Lo! Gog and Magog are spoiling the land. So may we pay thee tribute on condition that thou set a barrier between us and them? ( al-Kahfi : 94 )
    They on whom ye call beside Him have no power to help you, nor can they help you, nor can they help themselves. (Al-‘A`rāf:197)

    And whoso disobeyeth Allah and His messenger and transgresseth His limits, He will make him enter Fire, where he will dwell for ever; his will be a shameful doom. (An-Nisa’: 14)

  22. something wrong with the ancestry tree here. Zaida of Seville (aka Isabella) is not the daughter of Al-Mu’tamid ibn Abbad, she is the daughter-in-law of Al-Mu’tamid, and there is a huge difference between the two. You can say she was related to the Prophet’s bloodline, not part of it, but aren’t we all humans related somehow to each other?

  23. HAHAHA
    Nice Joke…
    Muslims and most of the other religion and societies believe that Descendence is from “Males” only….
    So who ever wrote this Article is illiterate (Beside conspiracy theories).
    Yes this might be a vague shot at trying to suppress the fact that the British Royal family is Descendants of a Bastard (A British queen’s (French) children from an extra marital relation with a Scot.)

  24. Interesting theory but a bit too much affirmative with no real evidence, the lack of which makes the whole doubtful. I am sure there are some old and wealthy families capable of shaping our society, among them the famous Rotschild family that has had a lot of influence, and still has, helping modify and accelerate the course of the history. However these powerful families or clan would be the first one to fight back a world like you described, they have the power to use and manipulate for their advantage and world capitalism, the illuminati… If they exist

  25. decendent of muhammad at final an anglicanism….
    public should follow the footstep of muhammad decendent to convert to anglicanism….

  26. King of Seville (Abbad) is not descending from the prophet Mohammed whose descendants of Ismail and Ibrahim. Abbad is descendant of old yemenies tribes (Qahtanies) and Qahtanies are descending directly from Sam (son of Noah).

  27. religions are bullshit, scientists should make more effort to discover the answers which exist for sure, the debate about god and religions should be put to an end

  28. I researched and found that the geneology tree of Queen Elizabeth DOES NOT show her to be a descendant if Prophet Muhammad. The grandson of the Prophet did not have a son Husayn ibn Hasan. Queen Elizabeth is a Non Muslim regardless of who her descendants are and does not have any legitamate claim of leadership over the Muslim world. Matter of fact she has bestowed knighthood and awarded Salman Rushdie a detested figure in the Muslim world.



    There is not one of you but will pass over it (Hell); this is with your Lord; a Decree which must be accomplished. Then We shall save those who use to fear Allah and were dutiful to Him. And We shall leave the Zalimun (polytheists and wrongdoers, etc.) therein (humbled) to their knees (in Hell)
    Surah 19:71-72



  30. Muslims have no head of state now. And all those other descendant pyramids of people (large number) can all claim to be descendants of Moh. The total number of “descendants” increases every generation for 1400 yrs. Today it might be millions. Kinda meaningless. And I thought the british royals were connected thru Germany to the Romanovs all killed in Russia.
    With such a web of many Interbred Royal Euro families it seems many many people could claim ownership of exotic titles.It might appeal to 83 IQ muslims

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