Man Who Many Believe “Predicted” The Challenger Disaster Dies

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the man who predicted the NASA Challenger space disaster has died

A man who spent most of the last thirty years full of guilt for not stopping the ill-fated explosion that brought the NASA Challenger space shuttle to a fiery end has died.

Bob Ebeling, however, found some relief from his guilt just weeks prior to his death according to NBC WILX:

Ebeling’s daughter Leslie Serna says her father died Monday at the age of 89 in Brigham City, Utah. She says her father was finally able to forgive himself.

NPR reports Ebeling had been a booster rocket engineer at a NASA contractor during the 1986 launch. He tried to convince them to postpone it, saying the cold temperatures could cause the shuttle to explode.

Hundreds of people called and sent Ebeling supportive letters following a January NPR story about the 30th anniversary of the Challenger disaster, trying to ease his guilt.

He retired a few months after the tragedy and devoted his time to conservation work.


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