Britain Has Spoken: Who Do You Think They Blame For Country’s “Problems”?

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The people of Britain have spoken in a recent poll about who they believe is causing most of the country’s “problems”, and you may be a little surprised at their answer.  In a recent article by Evan Bartlett for UK’s Independent titled “Who the people of Britain blame for the country’s ‘problems'” [1], Bartlett writes:

The people of Britain place more blame on the Coalition than they do on the previous Labour government for the country’s problems.

A new poll by YouGov, commissioned by the Sunday Times’ Red Box [2] briefing, has found that the nation now blames the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats on issues like immigration, missed deficit targets and living standards.

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The prime minister’s big immigration speech last month was supposed to tackle the Conservatives’ ailing popularity among the party’s right – an area being ceded to Ukip.

However, that clearly didn’t work as planned with 25 per cent blaming the Coalition, compared to just 18 per cent blaming Labour. It is, interestingly, the one area where “both” are blamed most – perhaps suggesting that the “Westminster establishment” as a whole are seen as failing on this – something Ukip will be keen to capitalise on.






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