PHOTOS: “Horrendous” Snow Storm To Hit Almost All of UK This Week

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Brace yourself, UK, you are in for what the weather services are calling a “HORRENDOUS” week, weather-wise.  It’s already been said this will be a record breaking year for cold weather in Europe, and it looks like most of the UK is going to have the displeasure of experiencing those conditions this week.

In an article for The Independent UK by author Louella-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith titled “UK weather: ‘Horrendous’ conditions of snow and ice expected as weather warnings issued for much of the UK” [1], she writes:

The Met Office has issued weather warnings over “horrendous” conditions that are set to hit part of the UK as temperatures plummet bringing snow and ice.

Scotland, northern England, the Midlands and Northern Ireland have all been handed a “be aware” warning that will be in place until Monday morning.

The BBC reported that emergency services are dealing with a number of road accidents on the A9 in Scotland after snow, ice and strong winds hit the country this weekend.


The Met office said that the UK will see “an unsettled, cold and often windy” theme this week, with the snow and ice warning across Scotland and northwest England, the West Midlands and Northern Ireland will be in place until the middle of Monday.

Across these areas people can expect a mixture of hail, snow, sleet and heavy showers, while icy patches will appear overnight and Monday morning.

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The worst effected region will be Scotland, where “across the tops of the Scottish mountains it will be pretty horrendous,” a spokesperson told the Evening Standard.

Areas in south west Wales and the tops of the moors will see more “wintry” weather on Monday night with possible sleet and snow in areas extending to the Cotswolds, while south eastern England will see a north westerly breeze overnight.


During the day on Monday there will be “large areas of fine spells of winter sunshine,” though it will feel cold, with “corridors of good, dry, bright weather,” up and down the country, a spokesperson for the Met Office said.

The cold, snowy and sleety weather this week is due to a rapidly deepening low pressure system in the north Atlantic, which is pushing associated bands of cloud and rain across the country as it tracks north eastwards.

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Monday night is expected to be the coldest night this week, but some western peripheries in Scotland will stay above freezing due to the heat from clouds and strong winds.


A band of cold rain is then expected to sweep south eastwards from Scotland throughout Tuesday, with wet and windy spells through many parts of the country.


Wednesday carries a yellow warning for wind across Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern England and north western parts of Wales. Many will see gusty gale force winds, while the exposed north western parts of Scotland could see winds of up to 70 or 80 miles an hour.



“Rain is then expected to push through from Thursday into Friday, with slight uncertainties continuing on a windy theme,” the spokesperson added.








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