Maxine Waters Wants Trump ‘Marched Out’ Of The White House By The Military Or Secret Service

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Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters told MSNBC this week that she would like to see President Trump “marched out” of the White House either by the military or the Secret Service.

Waters said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi felt the same way: “We want him out of there. I know Nancy Pelosi is counting down the hours. She told me that also.”

Pelosi had declared she was so frustrated that Trump was still in the White House that she planned to personally drag him out by his hair.

Breitbart reports: Anchor Ayman Mohyeldin said, “I know there is a lot of Democrats counting down the ways. I wanted to read something Speaker Pelosi said about Trump. She said she’s counting down the hours until he’s gone. ‘I plan to pull him out of there by his hair, his little hands, and his feet.’ I’m curious to get your thoughts. Is that what a lot of Democrats are thinking right now about President Trump that he’s got to get out of there one way or the other?”

Waters said, “We want him out, and we keep hearing these rumors about everything that he’s doing to try and stay in. We’ve even heard rumors he said he’s not leaving. We want him out, and to tell you the truth, I don’t know exactly what you do with the president who has lost an election, and you have a new person who has been elected to the presidency, and the old president is not wanting to leave. I don’t know what you do.:

She continued, “My understanding or what I would like to do is I would like to see him marched out of there. I don’t know whether it’s the secret service or whether it’s military or what have you, but he can’t stay. He can’t claim, you know, ownership of the White House. He doesn’t want to leave, and he’s doing everything possible, including talking about martial law, etc., etc. We want him out of there. I know Nancy Pelosi is counting down the hours. She told me that also.”


  1. What I want to see, is Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi and other traitors tossed into a running wood-chipper. I would pay A LOT of money to see it first hand!

  2. Maxine Waters is obviously insane and Pelosi is an old lady that is having the same dementia problems Joe Biden has. Both should have retired years ago and are a perfect example of why we need term limits.

  3. Beside being stupid, Maxine is also extremely ugly too, inside and out.

    Maxine is the best that South Los Angeles has to offer, which gives you a good idea of how trashy it is there.

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